Notes from MAMI 2014

I have been attending MAMI since 2006, it is an annual ritual for film lovers in Bombay. This festival has grown, but not in the way one would have liked it. This year one month before the fest opened, news report came that fest would not happen as Reliance was not renewing the contract.

Well the organizers knew from last October that the contract was over, yet they sat and did nothing. Moreover look at the audacity of the organizers who could not even come with an official press release but leaked the news via news report. We need to know why Reliance backed out from the fest. Is it because they felt they ROI was not great or that they felt the funds were being not used properly?

16th mumbai-film-festivalThen came crowd funding, which was not even an idea of the organisers, but trust the organisers to mess it up again, they were accepting only 10,000 INR minimum as contribution, behaving similar to hooligans who come during every festival and ask us to pay minimum of 1000 rupees ranging from Ganesh festival to Dussehra. Then the organisers reduced the amount to 5000 realising their folly.

Just when you thought the organisers have learnt from past lessons and became professional, we got to learn about their unprofessionalism. They removed Liberty theatre from the list of venues, without even informing the management of the venue.

The organisers have to realise that Andheri is not the heart of Mumbai, it is difficult for someone living in Ambarnath or Karjat to travel all the way to Andheri as it is cumbersome. SOBO thus is a better place. Or the organisers can rename the fest as North Bombay Film Festival.

Why did not organisers tie up with various colleges which have film clubs and auditoriums where films could be screened? Film Division of India does that for their film fest. Colleges like MET (Bandra), Somaiya (Vidyavihar), Ruia (Dadar) have excellent film screening audis and the latter two even have a film club.

Every year there have been murmurs about how the selection process for Dimensions is not transparent. It may be true or false, I cannot vouch for that. One rule of Dimensions is that the short film should not have been screened anywhere else before MAMI, but one of this year’s selected short films, Selfie was screened already at Manatarang, Mental Health Film Festival which was even highlighted by an author of this site, yet the people handling the MAMI twitter handle did not respond in return as to why the rules were changed for one film.

While MAMI bestows lifetime achievement award (Indian) to actors like Waheeda Rehman (2012) Kamal Hassan (2013) and Helen (2014), how about honoring directors, cinematographers and editors? With due respect to Helen, I can give at least ten names who have contributed to Indian cinema more than Helen and deserved the award. Also it is strange that you give lifetime achievement award and then do not show a single movie of that person in the fest.

What were the organisers thinking when they had a session with legendary French actress Catherine Deneuve in which they had Deepika Padukone? I mean let us cater to the real audience who want to hear from Catherine and not Deepika.

What was it with Bollywood stars presenting films, what was the logic behind that? I understand a filmmaker presenting his film, or actor or technician who has worked in that film. Here the only qualification was you need to be buddies with the management, or else what would explain Jahan Singh Bakhsi, who works in social media presenting a film?

Let me come to the Imran Khan incident, the audience did not actually boo him contrary to reports which has been fed by the organisers. The previous film did not have subtitles and the show was cancelled. Imran Khan was talking with Nikhil Advani and Vishal Bhardwaj, the show was getting delayed, when someone from audience shouted “We are here to watch movies and not to party”, Imran Khan responded that he was ready but the organizers were missing and that he did not have a clue what to do, which is testimony to the fact that organizers not only did not care about the valuable time of patrons and also the time of the guests or actors who were there to support them, again showing the recklessness and unprofessional attitude of MAMI organizers. But then MAMI organizers started to write blogs about how audience booed Imran which was not the case, rather the patrons were angry at the organizers.

Ticketing fiasco continued even during this year, any organisation in order to succeed has to take criticism and feedback in its stride but that’s not the case with the organizers of MAMI. For starters they have to listen, I am all fine with ticketless booking, but what about people who do not use mobile, should they not attend the fest or will MAMI provide them with mobiles? What if a person deletes the SMS, he has to login into site and click on send SMS button again, considering the organisers at MAMI do not think free WIFI should be provided and poor reception of internet at the venue makes this an even more cumbersome process.

And if you thought you could book tickets for whole week at one go, no it was not possible, the organizers think that after watching 5 movies in the day, you should stay awake till midnight and book tickets for later, clearly the convenience for patrons is not on the priority list of MAMI.

If a person confirms a ticket, and changes his/her mind later then he/she cannot cancel his or her ticket. Another flaw – suppose I book a ticket for say movie X on Friday, but due to some reason I could not watch the movie on Friday, I cannot book the ticket for Saturday for the same movie. Why can’t they tie up with Book My Show like Jagran Film Festival did and ensure smooth functioning of the fest?  Behold even if I book ticket, I have to reach ten minutes early or else my seat is not assured, let us take an example, I have booked a ticket for 3 PM which ends at 4.55 and next show is at 5 PM, do the organisers at MAMI think I should skip previous movie’s climax and stand in the line for the next movie in spite of booking?

It seems MAMI organizers did not care for the lives of patrons or how could one explain people being allowed to watch movie while sitting on the aisle, this is complete disregard for the rules of Maharashtra Gov.the Fire department and lives of patrons.

This year also marks one of the worst programming and scheduling of movies, or what else would explain Coffee Bloom being screened three times, or was it due to that fact that Director Manu had worked with one of the members of management for a film called Pehla Sitara? Similarly why would you screen Nymphomaniac volume 2 before Nymphomaniac volume 1 (at Cinemax Versova)?

While MAMI was sucking up to say how Bollywood was important for the fest, the way they handled director Mini Padma’s screening of Thanal Thedunna Bhoomi (Earth Seeking Shades) was despicable to say the least. Mini who is 8 months pregnant travelled to Bombay to share her experience and interact with audiences. But to her horror during the Q&A the mike was not working, the organisers of MAMI were absent, when one of the crew members tried to contact a female organizer let’s name her N, her sms was she had left for home, great way to treat filmmakers.

MAMI is the new Filmfare awards, I do not know why every year only one Indian film is selected in International Competition, is it some kind of reservation or do the organizers think more than one film cannot be included in International Competition. Why was Killa which had won award in a prestigious international fest like Berlin not selected in IC? On the other hand we had a film which has failed crowd funding, which received lukewarm response being awarded, or maybe it has due to with his proximity with organisers.

Also a word on what the panel members think beyond Bollywood, a screenplay writer who rewrote On the Waterfront is not someone we should celebrate, how about inviting M.T.Vasudevan Nair or K.Bhagyaraj next time?

Why was Parinda selected, can somebody explain or was it due to the fact that it was one of VVC’s conditions while contributing for the revival of the fest? Why were not films like Kireedam, Rudraveena, Oru Vadakan Veeragatha which were much more path breaking not showed in the fest even though these films were celebrating 25 years.

Frankly the best film fest in this country is IFFK, and the star of the fest is Adoor and not Mohanlal or Mammotty, guess MAMI needs to learn from them, otherwise this will be another festival which will deteriorate even more and youngsters will lose interest. It is up to us to save the fest and make organisers of MAMI more accountable, if they can’t then another festival will take its place and to an extent Jagran has already done that.

Madhav Apte

Disclaimer- This is a guest post and only reflects the views of the author and not that of MAM.



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  1. It does not end here….I had registered in advance expecting to collect my pass from Cinemax before the first screening. (Now you cannot even book your shows in advance for the first two days as the user ID and PW are available only ON the Delegate pass. Why not e-mail it to us!!! Visiting Andheri only between 11 and 7 is not possible for a lot of people.)
    The Maharashtra elections were scheduled on the same day and so Cinemax would only commence screenings in the afternoon. Fine. PVR was more accommodating and had regular screenings. But you could not collect your pass as Cinemax wasn’t operational! So despite landing on time before 10 am, you would have to wait until 2.30 to see some action! A few like me who had registered at least 4 days in advance were getting their kits in trickling batches. Others left in the lurch. Don’t even talk about those who were there for spot registrations. A solution surely was possible. It begins with foreseeing a possible problem first.

    • @ghiadevang – you could have asked anyone at MAM to collect it on your behalf. Or sent an email to MFF organisers authorizing a friend to collect it for you.
      Trust me when I say this – There were not enough resources this year to have emailed the delegate id & passwords to all the delegates this year. And this is MFF kept tweeting/FB-ing everyone to register early and collect passes in advance. There was a weekend before the festival too & the lowly paid interns, film students (who miss out on every film by the way) were working on a sunday as well. May be next year it will be better managed.
      The election fiasco was completely unfortunate and last minute.

      • @KK-that’s true,I guess Devang was simply taken by surprise & did not anticipate
        this.Or else as suggested by you someone else from MAM could have collected
        it for him earlier.And yes I’ve mentioned in my earlier comment too that
        things went wrong unfortunately wrong mostly at the beginning but
        began to fall in place mostly later on. And yes even I think next year it
        probably will be better managed.

      • Thanks for replying Kartik. Yes we were asked to collected passes in advance but the notifications did not mention that something like this might transpire. Probably wasn’t thought of earlier. No wonder many would not have collected their passes in advance. I understand the cash crunch would have strained resources. Despite that, the quality of the selection hasn’t dipped, which is what ultimately matters. And no two opinions on the fab job done by the volunteers.
        As Madhav mentions above, try to change the opening time of bookings from 12 to, say, 11. Very crucial for us “paanch-film-namaazis”. Continue with the good work!

  2. Dear Madhav,
    let me clarify few things that I am aware of and was responsible for

    1) “they removed Liberty theatre from the list of venues, without even informing the Liberty management” – WRONG. Liberty management was always in loop. Fest Director was trying till the last minute to get a SOBO Venue. And hopefully it will be back next year if the fest gets enough money. Don’t trust what you read in newspapers. It was cancelled because of lack of funds, and necessary exemption didn’t come in time, so the cost would escalate more. Out of 5 crore budget, fest could raise only 3 crores. PVR and Cinemax are two venues close to each other, industry is that side, plus good offers from them. So all factors contributed.

    2) About the colleges that you have mentioned, do you know how many audis they have? Do you know how many films they can handle on daily basis? And do you know in what all format they can show? If yes, let me know. As far as my info goes, difficult sceanrio.

    3) “Here the only qualification was you need to be buddies with management, or else what would explain Jahan Singh Bakhsi presenting a film, who works in social media?” Jahan wasn’t presenting the film, he was doing the Q and A. If you have been attending the fest since 2006, you would remember fest never used to have proper post-screening Q and A. Last year it was the same scene and many fuckups too. So we offered to help this year. So anyone who is smart, articulate, intelligent, watches films, writes on films, could handle Q and A, was more than welcome. If you fit the bill, you are welcome too. And all for free. So i called my friends and whoever was willing to let go of their movie watching for helping the fest, was welcome. Jahan, Shazia, Kartik, Svetlana, Udita, Nitesh, Sona, Nidhi, Nandita, Varun, they all came to help me/fest. None of us “presented” the film. Again, check. We introduced the filmmaker and all the filmmakers themselves “presented” their film. And then we did the post screening Q and A. Idea was to get Q and A for all films in India Gold and International Competition.

    4)”It seems MAMI organisers did not care for the lives of patrons or how could one explain people being allowed to watch movie while sitting on the aisle, this is complete disregard for the rules of Maharashtra Gov.the Fire department and lives of patrons” LOL. It was the opposite. Wherever i was handling the crowd, i had to explain million times the same. But there are some people always sneak in with some excuse or other and sit on the stairs. As far as i remember, films like Mommy, Court, Killa and many others, nobody was sitting on the stairs.

    5) “or what else would explain Coffee Bloom being screened three times, or was it due to that fact that Director Manu had worked with one of the members of management for a film called Pehla Sitara?” This one is raising the question on my integrity but i am LOL-ing because it’s such a stupid statement. Yes, Manu is a friend, we worked on a film together. But I will let Manu answer this question on the chain of events. Because he can tell you why his film got extra screening and why it was still bad scenario for him. As far as Killa goes, I helped in extra screening because I know the filmmaker/producer and there was a great demand for it.,

    5)Mini Padma’s Q and A was a fuckup. I wish that didn’t happen. Or we could have done the Q and A without mics. So we apologised to her and offered her Q and A at her next screening.

    6) Jagran? ahahahah seriously. what all films you saw there, Madhav? And have you been to IFFK ever? Just wondering.

    Fest had many fucksup and one has all the rights to criticise and complains about it. And one should do. Thats the only way to improve it and make it better. I have been critical about the fest always. But MFF’s film selections in the last 5/6 year have been great, including this year.
    And that’s the reason my and my friends stepped in to see what help we can offer. So please don’t spread wrong info, and malicious stuff questioning someone’s integrity. Nobody in the industry can question my integrity in any way in the little work that I have done in the past 12 years. So be careful before putting out any wrong information about me or my work in public space.

    (ps – arent you the same guy who had spread false information that Nirbashito Q and A was also a problem. I went back and check with the director, she was very happy with it. later when i asked you on twitter, you had deleted the tweet)

    (pps – funny that the editor of this site doesn’t know you all and an article full of so much wrong information gets posted here. Really “mad about” site.

    • Well Somen there are many posts on MFC which have been put up as a result of someone anonymously mailing it to you. Here again its something similar,with the exception that the person’s name is known. And as far as I’m concerned this is just an individual’s view & like in any such case it is subject to discussion. Personally if I had issues I would have taken it up with you as I know you & most of the other friends of yours who helped you out.So its good to hear the counter points from your side.If the author i.e Madhav Apte is reading this then I hope he also goes on to reply to you.

      • @Sethu – Anything that goes on mFC, i take full responsibility for it. The take may be author’s or anonymous but i make sure that no wrong information goes out on our blog. Even if we (anyone from mFC or outside writer) accuse someone of something (and if we have accused many people of so many things), the facts are always checked and are correct. That’s the basic job of any editor. Doesn’t seem to be the case here.

      • @ Somen- True I agree that here I have not taken responsibility
        here & that’s only because of the site’s policy which includes
        ” Disclaimer- all posts represent the individual views of the
        concerned author alone and do not represent/reflect the views of
        the editorial team or MAM or any people associated with the same”.
        More over the post is written more like a sharing of viewpoint rather
        than a stating of facts & hence the difference. However I will also
        share my views on the points raised in a separate comment.

    • 1-Is fest only directed towards industry and not other people, if yes, then please conduct it in Andheri and do not bother with common people like us.
      2-As mentioned one of this college has hosted a fest organised by Film Division of India,is it necessary we have to conduct fest inside multiplexs, why can’t we experiment with various venues.
      3- Again it is interesting film professors from MUMBAI UNIVERSITY or film critics like Khalid would have been better choices,IMO.
      4- People will always break rule, because some films like court, Killa should have been screened at Chandan, IMO. Are you saying that organisers were bullied by patrons and organisers did not have plan to control crowd, if that was the case then it shows lack of planning on organisers.
      5- i also wish such fuck ups do not happen and you take this post as constructive criticism nobody is questioning your integrity.

      P.S – Wait your editor of this blog, which used to publish third rate yellow journalism stuff

      PPS, As an editor i guess your blog featured this post, while my version of same events is different, i think you should verify facts before publishing posts

    • Few things which you have not answered, but if you could care to answer why was Selfie screened at Dimensions, when it was already screened at other fest, why was rules of MAMI flouted for this film.

  3. 1) Regarding the venues yes having more options like SOBO & something in the Central Suburbs (like in the past would have been better) but understanding the tight situation that MAMI found itself in this year
    I guess whatever best possible was done.Also thanks to Mumbai Metro it made commuting a lot more
    easier this time for people living in Central & Harbour line.
    2) Yes agree with Somen-it will be great to know of more details about the college auditoriums,including the formats that they can run the film in (like do they have DCP facility)?
    3) I think Jahan (and also the others mentioned by Somen) were basically chipping in as facilitators &
    introducing the filmmaker & facilitating the Q&A. Like Somen himself did it for Court where Chaitanya Tamhane presented the film & handled the Q&A. It certainly wasn’t Jahan/Somen etc presenting the film
    as far as I know.
    4) Things were certainly chaotic & messy on Day 1 especially during Boyhood,but slowly things started falling in place.I personally did not see any other chaotic screening later on & I can say it confidently since I saw 35 films over the 7 days of the fest this year.
    5) The programming had its issues but then definitely there were some good films on display this year as
    well,can’t deny that.
    6) Also the young (student?) volunteers really put up a great show,even managing to control packed
    crowds at times.
    7) On the online booking,yes things can be improved-I’m sure even the MAMI team is trying to work out various options.

  4. All we as a nation are good at doing, is crib and whine. Pull anything off and we will have some armchair loving moron in some corner giving his opinion on why it was fucked and how he can do it better with some conspiracy theories thrown in for good measure. MFF was on the verge of a breakdown (not very nervous). It was saved at the last minute with an entire battalion of people volunteering FOR FREE. Please understand the effort it took to do that, forgive the fuck ups and shed this naive babe-in-the-woods attitude that expects a film festival to appear fully formed into the real world without funds, sponsors and media coverage. And my god, what a gigantic and unsubstantiated sense of entitlement. “I am traveling from Ambernath so hold the festival in Liberty” NO. I am fairly certain you don’t even know what DCP or KDM means or why different theaters are not compatible with certain print formats. I pity anyone whose love for cinema is couched in layers of ‘Bollywood sucks’ and other such created notions of division. Bollywood stars came to support the festival because- here is a news flash- they love movies too! You can start your own festival with your above wishlist, and I wish you all the best. But something tells me, this is all talk and finger pointing. Hold on to that armchair and your joyless existence. Don’t let it go.

    • I agree on everything except that just because it was on a breakdown it cannot be criticized…This Amte needs to travel from Ambernath or Karjat or wherever and be in the scheme of things… But, still criticism holds a value…If said right…

    • Dear Archana,
      The question remains why the sponsors left, and did not renew, when contract ended last year, what was the whole MAMI team doing for 11 months. I sure know what is DCP, i surely pity anyone who calls whatever Bollywood churns as cinema. Your ignorance about other industry apart from Bollywood concerns me very much,

      On other note where should i send cheque for your psychological evaluation of my existence.

  5. First of all I don’t believe in any post which mentions only the negatives and seems to be a personal rant about the festival or the people involved. It may seem effective for a movie, but in a festival and keeping in mind the larger scheme of things, a more rationale approach towards the thoughts penned would have worked wonders.

    1. The screening of Boyhood was a disaster, agreed… Thankfully I did not even attend it as I had planned it for the next day. But the concern here is not the fire department, but did the organisers and volunteers learn from the mistake as it was the 1st day. Yes, they surely did. And I need to applaud all the people who handled things to ensure that it never happened.

    But the thing that could have really made matters easier is films like Boyhood, Killa, Court, Black Coal, Thin Ice getting screened in a 900 seater Chandan. It made more sense as it gave all a chance to get a glimpse of the noteworthy movies. The planning really needs to be spot on here.

    2. Yes movies should be screened at SOBO or central suburbs too and I completely agree on that point because there are people galore who love to watch films and it should be fair to one and all.

    3. I personally dont endorse the idea of anyone presenting the film before the start because it is a waste of time to coincide with the next screening, unless it is the last show which is also a matter of debate. So Q & A after the film is a yes and the interested can stay back, but please start the film on time.

    4. I have not seen Coffee Bloom, and if it had an audience in all the shows then it is great for the film. Though I didn’t hear about the film and nor had any buzz or reccomendations from anyone. But I didn’t feel the scheduling and programmming were bad. In fact caught up with all the reputed ones and the ones which had buzz. As I said earlier, the screens alloted could have been better for few films.

    5.The SMS thing is fine if it can be done with kiosks across the movie halls…Dont know how feasible it is but this is a major area that can be improved upon. Kind of liked the idea of volunteers checking all id’s in a piece of paper too, but what if someone is late. As few films won’t give you a breather to stand in the line after the previous screening has ended.

    More thoughts as and when they come.

  6. Firstly I would share my views on some of the issues rightly addressed in this post –

    I had attended the screening of 2 days 1 night during which the Imran Khan incident took place. It was unnecessarily blown out of proportion and certainly nothing of that sort happened , the way it was mentioned in all the articles that wrote about the incident. Since the screening of 2 Days 1 night was beyond the scheduled time , people got impatient and requested for the screening to start asap. On the other hand, Imran Khan took the entire incident in his stride before it could become ugly and requested to get the screening started at the earliest. Wish this action taken by Imran Khan was also written about in the articles which reported about this particular incident.

    The way patrons behaved during the Boyhood screening at Versova can be best described as rude, uncouth and pure hooliganism. Due to this lousy behaviour of the patrons, many of the people who had booked the ticket well in advance had to sit on the aisle and watch the film. After witnessing this incident, I feared that things would get uglier during screenings of other eagerly anticipated films. Thankfully none of this happened again during screenings of other keenly awaited films such as Court wherein I got a good set after booking in advance. So kudos to the organisers for ensuring that after Day 1, most of the screenings took place without much glitches and ugly incidents.

    For someone like me, I agree that having a location or two like Liberty would be more preferred for patrons staying in the vicinity of South Bombay and Central Suburbs. Thankfully, Mumbai Metro reduced my ordeal of travelling to Andheri by a great deal.

    The SMS thing is something which is a topic always open for discussion and debate. Of course volunteers checking the SMS personally was a good thing especially at Cinemax which found itself in the midst of many ugly instances. In instances, when people are not able to attend screening of a film despite booking ticket, some good alternative should be worked out to ensure that patrons get a chance to watch the film.

    Even I don’t agree with idea of presenting a film before its screening unless and until it is presented by someone who is associated in some way the film.

    I agree that the author should have written about some of the positives of the fest as well. The volunteers esp. I found to be very co-operative while dealing with the sms and other glitches. Even when the subtitles didn’t play at a particular screening of Omar (which I had tweeted about), the volunteers quietly listened to the rants of viewers who were got angry at the volunteers foe subtitles not playing (though it wasn’t the fault of the volunteers)

    While standing in queue without a booking for a screening in Cinemax rarely yielded any results (with exception of Killa), thankfully for the screenings in PVR, I got to watch all the films without a booking after standing for just 15-20 mins in queue such as 71, The Search, Black Coal thin Ice.

  7. I can’t help laughing but this whole post sounds like a frustrated soul crying “grapes are sour” or it appears this film blog is desperate attract eyeballs. India TV would definitely hire Mr. Apte. I’ll stick to point 5 of Somen’s reply. I never got any favour from Somen for an additional screening. He has only one agenda and that is cinema; so his ideology won’t change be it for friends or enemies. I respect his integrity for that.

    On 18th morning, I got an email from the organizers saying Coffee Bloom was rescheduled to 12 noon. Along with my producer we expressed displeasure since it was our premier. The invites had already gone out and many people had already scheduled for the original timings. When we communicated our problem to the Festival Director, Mr. Srinivasan Narayan, he was kind enough to allot one extra screening in the evening so that our guests who has missed out on the noon show could make it to the evening show. Unfortunately, it was a classic case of Murphy’s law and having an extra show did not ensure the numbers because the last minute change in timings messed up everybody’s schedules.

    Yes there were programming issues, but I laud the effort of the organizers in ensuring that the festival continued this year. Dear Mr. Apte, henceforth with articles like this, it will be really hard for me to take this blog/website seriously.

    • Manu….I dont know you and neither I have seen your film….But saying that the film blog is desperate to attract eyeballs is saying a bit too much just like this apologetic piece of post. To be very frank even nobody recommended it in the must watch list nor any soul coaxed that a good film by the name of Coffee Bloom is playing around.Though i completely understand the Murphy’s Law, but you are sounding here as bad as one Madhav Apte who is ranting shit here.

      It is your prerogative to take this site seriously or not, but understand that even the people who write here are lovers of cinema. So I expected you to have a better sense of approach while replying to this post unlike the one Mr.Apte.

      I completely agree on some of the points made above by Somen and its actually stupid to question anyone’s integrity and all the help and support provided by their team is splendid and more power to them. But there are things which can be improved and hopefully it may improve in the future years.

      • How can you explain such sensationalism, accusing people of favoritism without any fact checking? If that isn’t desperation, I wonder what is? FYI,like Apte please don’t be ready to jump into any conclusion about my approach, please read further. I had many people messaging on the day of the screening complaining about the change of timings. Till the morning of the screening the MAMI website reflected the original timings, it was NOT changed. NO emails went out about the change of timings, we got our confirmations of additional screening previous evening. Nobody recommended it, because no one has seen it before MAMI besides the people who worked on it, so obviously there is no buzz, and I don’t expect any soul to coax to see my film, in fact I tried coaxing many souls to come for the new screening time, the murphy’s law i meant is the people from the industry, press and other important people the cast and crew had called couldn’t turn up, hence I meant the numbers we expected were low, we are not talking about only festival goers, infact random festival film going folks who we hadn’t invited turned up and you are free to check with them how good is the film. Also I’ll be glad to invite you whenever the next screening happens. Hope I am clear now.

      • @Manu: Your second comment makes much more sense and I will respect that. I think it was unfortunate that it was worded in that manner, but surely wishing you all the best with the film and if given time and accessibility, will chance upon it for sure.

  8. Madhav,

    Amidst all your angst at the ‘terrible’ management, did you notice how hard-working, helpful, dedicated and focussed the young volunteers were everywhere? Even in the toughest of situations, esp crowd management during house-ful shows they were doing their best. And it showed and it worked. Crowd management is tough even for trained people. If you had cared enough you could have probably gone and thanked those kids for being so awesome without training and without any gain. Without them the fest would have fallen apart, that was key and not the points you have enumerated.

    And next time, try and take a holistic view.

    P.S. : I had no role to play at MAMI except as an audience and this comment comes only as part of the audience, which I am severely ashamed of. Wish I could write a post ranting about what a horrible audience we make. Because we really do.

    • Okay finally a comment which is worthy of applaud and I agree with every word written by the lady here… Are we a better audience? Do we watch cinema giving it the respect. Mobile phones ringing, games being played and what not… So let us grow to be a better audience and criticize constructively…

    • Fatema,

      I had gone and thanked the volunteers personally at PVR. I agree with you 100 Percent, we as an audience have to improve and behave, The point of post is not point fingers, but to start debate and look at things which organisers have missed.

  9. @Manu- Valid points raised by you & as Ajay has pointed out already,the 2nd comment of yours in particular makes a lot of sense. Again I haven’t seen Coffee Bloom or even Pehla Sitara for that matter.
    It was only after reading Somen’s comments that I even understood the connection cos otherwise I just
    felt Madhav Apte was probably referring to someone in the film selection committee. I do agree that Apte’s rant should have been pointed out in a better fashion, but as you can see people here like Ajay, Aditya &
    me have already pointed out what we felt went right with the fest & also that we do not agree with all the points mentioned in the post. In any case I really appreciate you for having taken the trouble to clarify your point here & hopefully putting the issue to rest. Personally & on behalf of MAM I wish you all the very best for Coffee Bloom with all sincerity.

  10. Dear Madhav,

    No payment required. Consider it free. Please rant away without any sense of ground reality. Don’t let me stop you. Meanwhile, here’s to a better MFF next year!

  11. There is a 1.5 hr video of closing ceremony on YT.. Dear author please go and see it.. see Mr. Narayanan choking and controlling his tears.. see the unfettered sense of achievement and happiness in the hall.. watch it and weep.. crowdfunding in India is not a proven concept Yet they did it.. sure the organisers are not professional enough to sort out sponsorship ahead but I’m sure they would have learnt their lesson.. but money comes and goes, movies will stay, MAMI will go on..

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