Dishkiyaoon (2014) Movie Review: Pure Trashy Excuse

Language : Hindi | Running Time : Too long for your own good | Director : Sanamjit Singh Talwar.

Before and after going to watch “Dishkiyaoon”, there are some fundamental things that one has to understand.

Dishkiyaoon1)  Why did Bipasha Basu cry after watching the first half of “Dishkiyaoon”.

The answer is simple. She realised that Harman Baweja is such a great actor that he can make glycerine to fail induce tears.

2) Would a man tell his entire story to a stranger and then trust him blindly as he plants seeds on how to destroy the crime syndicate in Mumbai? And well for more points, he is after all the guy who has the best brains in the network.

If you are Harman Baweja’s Viki Kartoos and your inmate in jail is Sunny Paaji, then anything is possible. If you don’t trust Sunny paaji, the non-existent dhaai kilo ka haath can put you out of existence, yup it can because apparently anything is possible. This movie got made, no?

3) A man trying to build a crime syndicate of his own and after having his godfather killed, would blindly follow orders without obtaining background information. If you are Harman Baweja, then this is possible. He will not know who and where his girl friend comes from.

4) The don of Mumbai, Iqbal Khaleefa(Sumeet Nijhawan) will cash out all his money and have no say in where and how it is distributed. He is the Don.

5) Sunny Deol ijj poetic. T.R Rajender would be proud of the dialogues

6)  The only redeeming quality in this film is Prashant Narayanan as Mota Tony, Viki’s godfather. He is a terrific actor and it is sad that he doesn’t get the roles he deserves.

7) There was only a one page script for this film and all it had was this : Apun tapori log. Ladki item. Maal laaneka. Jhoot nai bolne ka. Apun bole tho Mumbai ka don. 2-2 villain. Mota Tony marne ka. Acting nai karne ka. Sunny Paaji ko rope in karne ka. Poetic word sikhane ka. Marine drive me gaadi chalane ka. Gansgter movie phineesh. Oops, sorry. Sexy herione. Bheja kaali rakhne ka. Ab tho khalaas. Mamu log ka film banega bhai.

10)  I can’t write more pointers about this film. So, with this we end. Why did they name it Dishkiyaoon? Because they wanted to shoot the audience in the head.

11) I had to write one more. Like the movie, it doesn’t end when it should have. The movie is pure trashy fun with no story, no good acting except for Prashanth Narayanan, no good music, no good action sequences and it is Harman Baweja’s comeback film which made Bipasha Basu cry. We cried too, with plenty of laughter as to how such a silly movie got made, especially how it even passed the screenwriter’s table. Okay, it didn’t have a screenwriter. Right. He left.

Iqbal Khalifa (Sumeet Nijhawan)
Iqbal Khalifa (Sumeet Nijhawan)
Iqbal Khalifa (Sumeet Nijhawan)
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6 thoughts on “Dishkiyaoon (2014) Movie Review: Pure Trashy Excuse

  1. Man that was great fun, i didnt want the article to end unlike i am sure that wasnt the case with the the movie for you. C’mon that Harman guys’ sole existence is to provide comedic fodder for you critics and in turn for us. It seems that shilpa shetty has lot of black money to launder that she got from her rajasthan royal adventure and how best to dispose it off other than making a film with harman dude and sunny paaji of all people.Hope at least in this regard, the film was a success for her.Well was there anybody else in the theater were you watched it?.

    • Thank you 🙂

      Haha. The movie is a pain to sit through if you go expecting anything good. I went in expecting a trashy film, the kind Harman is bound to be in. It made the whole trip easier I should say. 🙂

  2. Well apart from Prashant Narayanan I also liked Anand Tiwari in the film, he did really have some spark in his wannabe don character Rocky. The one place I actually laughed was when Anand Tiwari is introduced as Rocky Chu & mentioned as a Sanjay Dutt fan, you notice a poster of Sanjay Dutt’s Rocky 2 in the background- only thing that its basically a poster of Policegiri in fact, with Rocky 2 written instead of Policegiri (yes I did notice such small things too :)). BTW how could you miss out the hot love making scene in the shower?I thought that female was better looking than the actual heroine 😛

    • Haha. I didn’t know the Sanjay Dutt poster was of Policegiri. Trust you to notice that 🙂

      I didn’t want people to go and watch a movie because of a shower sex scene. Who knows, Harman would then order all his leading ladies to be part of such a scene :3

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