Looking Back from the Edge

You can read the journey of Anamitra Roy’s film so far here.

Last night I taught a friend how to upload audio files on Soundcloud. She is a nice elderly woman. After this half an hour long session full of lessons, she told me, ” I never assumed you have this much of patience”.  Instantly, I replied, “surely Mam, I do. Otherwise I won’t have been able to carry on with one single project for such a long period”!

Yep! Such a long period! 440 days and still counting!

25th February, 2012 was precisely the day when we started. Today we have around 170 contributors and more than 1400 likes on our FB page. We have raised almost 75% of what we needed initially. And we still need to raise another 99,000 rupees as quickly as possible. But statistics are simply incapable of expressing what we went through.  It was really great till we raised the first 40k. We were really happy to see people supporting us with their hard earned money. Everything was so smooth. And then began the rough time. Every day, we kept on applying a new strategy. I was so desperate, I even used popular keywords like IPL and Baba Ramadev etc as tags to some of our blog posts  How to reach out to more people — Damn! This question still gives me a nightmarish feel as I type it. Of course the newspaper articles helped, but only for the next two or three days. Then again, wake up in the morning and think of something new to catch the eye of people. And once you have done it, read their minds. There are certain patterns but everyone is different. Read the mind and try to concentrate, how to convince this person! At the later stage, I became so damn frustrated that anyone could irritate me with one simple question like what is a no budget film or how can a ‘no budget film’ be ‘crowd-funded’. I’m talking about September-October, 2012. And then, as 2013 began, I was so lost that a question like “when are you planning to release it” or “how are you planning to release it” or “are we going to be able to watch it in theaters” was just more than enough to make me ask myself why don’t I go and meet up this guy personally to punch him in the face!

The One Rupee ProjectI am laughing, as I am looking back.This has been great. I came to know more about myself. Sriparna always interacts with people so diplomatically. She has great powers. Even if she understands that someone is wasting our time on purpose she never loses it. On the other hand, I become like “I’m fucking dying and you think this is a good time for a joke”! I know I need to take care of that. Jishnu Mukherjee (maker of Ekoda Ek Bagher Golay, 2012) and Twish Mukherjee (maker of Nothing Unusual, 2013) are just great guys. They answered to every call in every situation and did good things that I failed to visualize in favour of the film. Without them coming this far was not possible. This is just the first look. 75% of the whole work has been done. The rest of it cannot be done till we raise the 99,000 I mentioned before. I’m ready to challenge my destiny over a chessboard to make this film happen.

And I know, this time, you’ll be there to help us out.

Here’s the trailer of the film, do have a look.

Facebook Page



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