Devoid-Brahma Weapon Official Music Video

Devoid is 4 member trash Metal Band formed in Mumbai in 2005.They won the 2006 regional finals of battle-of-the-bands competition Campus Rock Idols. Initially the band compromised of  lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Arun Iyer, drummer Shubham Kumar and the lead guitarist Keshav Kumar. Now this 4 member band has Arun Iyer  (Vocalist & Rhythm Guitarist), Sanju Aguiar (Lead Guitarist), Abhishek Kamdar (Bass Guitarist) and Shubham Kumar (Drummer). They had released their Debut Album A God’s Lie in 2010.
They are out with their Second Album, 

The Invasion which  released last month,which again is Self Produced and the Album consists of  following tracks

  • Prelude
  • The Invasion
  • Pandemonium is Now
  • Brahma Weapon
  • The Grand Design

The Album  chronicles Alien Invasion of Earth. Here’s look at Music Video of Brahma Weapon which the Band Released online.


You can also buy the Album online.


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