Why Talaash Should Be Renamed "Chudail Ka Badla"?

Now, I was waiting to write this note for a long time. And the only reason that I went on procrastinating the same is because I knew I would end up revealing the plot points. That’s a cardinal sin, considering the fact that “Talaash” has been touted as a suspense drama. But, with almost a week over and the spoilers out on social networking sites, I thought it’s an apposite time to come up with this post. Okay, two things to be clarified before we move ahead: (a) if you haven’t watched the film and plan to watch it or you are a die-hard Aamir Khan fan who thinks AK can’t do anything wrong, then don’t read further; (b) this is not a review of the film. Let me be very frank, I find it a decent film, but I am here to reveal the several script inconsistencies of the film which has been heralded by many a reputable critic who have seen “blockbuster” written all over it!

Agreed, the film looks good, though nowadays most films are well shot. If that were a criterion, “Raavan” should receive all the accolades in the world. Unfortunately, films aren’t just about visual splendour but what they need most is a script. Reema Kagti & Zoya Akhtar, the “best friends” who co-wrote the script (well, they also wrote one of my super favourites ZNMD, which the latter directed) tried to put in so much in this film that it never really becomes a film about one thing. After all, what in the freaking world, is the hoopla about prostitutes, black-mailing pimps, a lame man trying to save his middle-aged overweight hooker girlfriend, when the story is primarily about a ghost avenging her death.

The biggest problem with Talaash is that it’s extremely insincere. The makers never figured out as to what should be the right approach – an intricate suspense thriller, about a couple’s irreplaceable loss or a horror story. Sadly, the film just turned out to be none of them. The suspense in it is more predictable than what dvd Sanjay Gupta would choose for his next film, the pain in it is less heart-rending than Mohit Ahlawat’s eyes in “James” and the horror is less scary than Haunted’s tharki bhoot. That is so sad because not only do they have a motley of fabulous actors but also an analogy between a pained spirit and two parents suffering from the aftermath of their child’s death is such a brilliant idea.

Whenever an Aamir Khan film is in the offing, we are told that he went through extensive research for the same – after all, he is the perfectionist! Supposedly he practised for 3 months to swim in the climax scene. And going by that, I am sure he spent at least half a year practising how to play an insomniac. Yet, we see neither any frailness in his health nor dark circles under his eyes; where his character could have been as spooky as Christian Bale’s in “The Machinist” – Aamir looks a saner version of what he looked in Ghajini. We are said that he is depressed, but he seems depressed only when he is at home or rather, when he is with his wife. Now, that’s possible considering that the discomfort generally increases when one is with the person who knows one’s secrets the most. But then, he also invites friends for meals and subordinates for drinks. So, he is not an exceptionally pained man as we are made to believe, he is just as sad as anyone of us who goes through a particular traumatic experience and is averse to being reminded about it. Then, we are said that he is an “encounter specialist” – and there isn’t even one encounter in the entire film. Forget that, there isn’t one moment when he even comes close to shooting someone. Maybe it was a scare attempt but given everything in the film is dubious, the sincerity of that line remains questionable to me.

Nawaazuddin Siddiqui is undoubtedly the most brilliant portrayal in the film. But one only wonders why there was so much footage to given his character when he was just a sidekick. Well, the best guess would be his histrionic capabilities. However, what makes even more worthy of scrutiny is the way he dies. After the chase sequence that starts off at Churchgate, the limping Tehmur climbs railings, rolls on the wheel-board (reminding me of Mazhar Khan from SHAAN), enters a SoBo railway station, swaps bags and then gets caught by running out of station. Super-lame, isn’t it? If he had swapped bags, why did he have to walk out of the station and get trapped? Shouldn’t he have just waited on the platform, maybe far from Nirmala (Sheeba Chaddha), and hopped on to the next train? Given the frequency of trains on Western Line, it would have been faster, he would have escaped, and even if he were caught, the ensuing chaos could have let people intervene and prevent him from being killed. At the most, he would have been taken to police, which is more unlikely, for the people chasing him were goons as well. Plus, the bag was also empty, so he couldn’t have been convicted either. And then comes his voice-over telling Nirmala how she should escape even if he doesn’t arrive at the station? What is with the sacrificial love story of Tehmur? Well, maybe the makers went deep and thought of putting a humanitarian aspect to the story where everyone apparently looks selfish. Now think, how does Tehmur die?

He is taken to the roof of the under-construction building – how we don’t know, for there were tons of people working downstairs – the same who protested at his death! And then Tehmur is shot! Thrice, in his chest! And he dies? Whoa! He does not. The way he reacts to the bullets, I seriously thought, the goons played a trick to deceive Sanjay Kejriwal. But then blood started oozing out, and I realised the bullets were real. However, Tehmur still doesn’t die. So, how is he killed? After being hit with 3 bullets into his chest, Tehmur stands up, indifferent to the injuries (apparently quite trivial to him) and sees the Ghost. So, he feels frightened, staggers backwards and falls off the building. Roflmao!

And so, here my friends, I introduce you to the most ravishing ghost we have ever seen on celluloid – Rosie aka Simran aka Kareena Kapoor! According to the back story, Simran the hooker had died in an accident and became a ghost to avenge her death! The question that comes up here is, what was she doing for 3 years? Planning her revenge? She is the female ghost version of Vijay Dinanath Chauhan – scheming her ploy to get back at her killers, well unintentional though. However, when it comes to killing them, all she has to do is appear before their cars, and the people would have anyways taken their vehicles off the road and into the sea! For a simplistic plan like that, she waited 3 years, wow! So, who were the killers – the actor Armaan Kapoor, his friend Sanjay Kejriwal, the pimp Shashi and the limping man-Friday of Shashi – Tehmur. Jab log usske ek darshan se mar jaate hai, phir woh teen saal kya kar rahi thi? Plus, she is a bhoot – she can take a knife and stab the people who killed her – or maybe use magical powers and get them hanging from ceiling. But she seemed to have no such intent. To top it, she didn’t feel like killing Shashi – who was more directly involved than Tehmur. And even when she killed Tehmur, it was after he was already shot. So, do her powers work only when someone is on the verge of death? No, the film doesn’t say that really.

Maybe there is an explanation to all the time pass that Rosie was doing over the years. Because she was Simran, and she knew she had to get into the skin of Rosie, she was practising hard, knowing well that she would meet Aamir Khan – who believes in practice and research!

Go back to the scene where Kareena Kapoor is introduced. Present Day: after Armaan Kapoor’s death – Rosie is seen sitting in the room with other hookers, decked up like them, with a sullen face, listening to Tehmur rant. Kyun bhai? Okay, by the way, she is also an antaryaami. For she was sitting with 3 other hookers, knowing well that there was space for only 3 of them in the cab – which means she was aware that Shashi would replace Nirmala with her. Why was she listening to Tehmur’s bakar, why did she need to get into the cab and why did she need space inside the cab? So, then Rosie sits in the taxi and maaro-es a dialogue to Shashi, knowing well that the latter wouldn’t hear her! Kyun? Itni velli bhoot, by god, maine life mein kabhi nahi dekha! Well, Rosie / Simran being a ghost, didn’t have to earn money for her living alright, but why go around talking and whiling away, for no reason. Then, in another scene Tehmur and Nirmala are discussing their escape plan and Simran / Rosie is seen eavesdropping. Isn’t she a ghost? Why does she need to hide and eavesdrop on conversations – and why does she need to know their escape plan?

Then comes the two ultimate red herrings. Because I had guessed Kareena is a ghost well before the interval, I was waiting to see how the makers would unravel it. Suddenly, the makers place the interval scene where Kareena is with Nawaaz and she says another dialogue – and I am left scratching my stubble – thinking, “okay, so she is not a ghost!” The makers had thrown one more misleading line at the beginning of the film – where they mention the A-list file and how there have been similar accidents on the same street. Now, Armaan Kapoor was the first in line to die among Rosie’s murderers. So, whatever “similar accidents” had happened couldn’t have had any connection to Rosie / Simran. So, all ghosts kill their murderers on the Sea Face Road?

And then we come to the backbone of the story – how Aamir loses his mind and starts seeing Rosie. Now the reason behind his mental imbalance is fine. But the story doesn’t really justify how he starts seeing the ghost. For the ghost can appear before anyone she wants to. One has to realise that any movie that deals into a psychological crisis and brings in the element of schizophrenia or dissociative disorder, the figment of imagination can only be visible with the protagonist. Think about Fight Club – Brad Pitt is visible only in scenes where we have Edward Norton. Hence, to make it a psychological story, it would have been mandatory to have Kareena only in scenes with Aamir. Though they did the car and elevator gimmick, it was just not enough – because Kareena was made visible to the audience even in scenes where there was no Aamir. That’s blasphemy of the entire genre! You can’t have the imaginary character visible to audience because then you are making it exist. When you show a Rosie standing behind a wall and listen Tehmur and Nirmala converse, you are belying not only the entire fundamental of the genre but also what you told the audience yourself. For the movie preached through Shernaz Patel’s messenger character that the ghost is visible only to those who are deeply pained – so every member of the audience is also equally traumatised is it? And it is not Sixth Sense, which is a movie about the spirit’s journey with the kid.

What started off as intricate mystery turned out to be man’s story of crisis and anguish! Till then, we were all fine. But, in the concluding reels, everything is left aside and we are forced to believe how ghosts can interact with people in immense grief and can take revenge from those who wronged them. And that’s where, my friend, the film becomes crap, thereby deserving the title “Chudail Ka Badla” more than “Talaash”.

Please note: I have nothing against Aamir Khan the actor. On the contrary, I think he is one of the best ones that we have. I am appalled by the audacity of the makers who touted it as the suspense film of the year. And the fact that Aamir Khan decided to produce it is even more surprising than SRK doing Ra One! I would conclude the post by making a sincere request to Excel Entertainment. You guys have given us memorable films in the youth – friendship & coming of age genre – with DCH, Lakshya, Rock On & ZNMD! I know you guys really love thrillers and have made Karthik Calling Karthik, Game, Don & now Talaash to express your love. But you need better scripts, guys! While DON was a remake, KCK was the only sincere film. Please choose a better script next time. Or if you have a good story like Talaash, please stop it from spreading the raita all over the place.


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  1. Well written piece. I believe the writers created a character with selective features from Schizophrenia (Fight Club) and the ability to perceive ghosts (Sixth Sense). 🙂

      • Hahaha Typical Indian Response….. I read a blog which has compared GOW to God father…. c u guyz r so talented y dont u guyz write a OG script which has no reference from any piece of cinema ever made…. what if such story were to exist in real???

  2. Interesting and detailed analysis.
    Didn’t you find the plot to be extremely similar to The Sixth Sense? When I stumbled upon the ‘twist’, I thought it was a hoax because I felt how can Excel do such a blatant lift?

    • The Sixth Sense was classy movie Dipta.. i don’t even want to compare the two.. plus, there Bruce Willis wasn’t trying to avenge his death or anything – actually he didn’t know he is a ghost.. plus, when the twist came, it shook the hell out of us!

      • The encounter thing was only to scare the shit of temur… You seem deeply interested in finding faults in the movie.. No movie is perfect.. There ll be cinematic liberties.. If u wanna watch a movie with cinematic liberties then watch a documentary

      • how the hell bruce willis dint know he was ghost ?… hard to belive too.. thoda cinematic freedom to mangta hai yr.. if u start putting hardcore logic giri everywhere tab har film main galti nikal jayega ek na ek..

  3. You know my stance on this film bro, and I think this is just needed now! Films need a change……… they deserve a drastic level of improvement! 🙂

  4. Very well researched critique of the film and other crtics. All points seem to be fair. Script was okay, susupese supernatural stuff is usually a vague script, but all these flaws that you pointed should have been taken care of. Posting this link on twitter with tag to Aamir. Maybe, just maybe he reads it

  5. Hi,

    I am a mad fan of Aamir but Talaash was one of the worst movies.
    I was really excited reading this piece as it echoed my frustration (I was so disappointed with the film that I wanted to call in sick). I really like your analysis here but there are couple of things I want to mention.
    In the scene where the chudail is hanging with other prostitutes the pimp says “Tum Dono Aao” and the 3 of them go (That is when I guessed sh** this is a dumb ghost story). So if we watch the film again I am sure you will find elements like these and the filmmakers will use these to defend themselves that they did not cheat and did it to be a little different from “Fight Club” 🙂
    And honestly it was not smart but stupid subversion.

  6. Then, there are witnesses and havaldars that say there have been many such similar accidents at the same spot before this one.. So i guess it is that the ghost is just angry at the world. And its not that she waited 3 years, she was just killing anyone coming that way.. Possibly also because she did not know the addresses of the 3 guys from that day. So she was just waiting for them to come her way. And that is why she did not reveal Aamir, she wanted to take the “badla” on her own. Makes sense? No it doesn’t… If she told Aamir the reality right at the start and been with him he would have dragged her to the “villian” and she could have taken his revolver and smoked all 6 bullets in (now she can interact with physical objects for sure- after all she does open the door and unlock seat belts).
    Someone please get me in the same room with the writers?

  7. And there is this moment where the filmmakers try to be artistic, when Aamir is searching for his son, they just show his slipper and not his body. Poor simple Indian audience was confused. I saw people coming out asking each other- so the son died in reality? they didn’t find the body? is there a sequel?
    People we have been scammed it was not a suspense not a thriller.
    Some say it is like Sixth Sense. Well it established itself as a supernatural movie right at the start, so the twist climax is in the “spirit” of the movie. Whereas, this movie starts with the riddle why would a car suddenly turn right and then revealing because an invisible-visible ghost was the cause is.. ridiculous. You scratch your head to find a rational explaination and turns our there isn’t any.

    I can go on and on but should now try to move on.

    ps: KCK was a good film, I wonder why people don’t like it.


    • thanks Archie for the spirited comments.. i loved reading them.. i was in as much frustration after watching the film as you are.. but now, after writing this post, i feel lighter.. 😛
      PS: i too liked KCK..

  8. u killed the movie dude/dudette , the policeman introduces aamir as encounter specialist just to make siddhique piss in his pants,kareena never avenged against shashi nor siddhique , shashi was killed by actors friend , abt ur rest of the doubts;they r hugely childish

      • @sarbik – i didn’t know anything before the film.. i was just being attentive.. may be u were busy eating popcorn..

      • @kun – i know exactly what i saw.. may be you were too much in awe of your star.. and trust me, the Bees Saal Baad starring Waheeda Rehman was much much better film.. i hope your “bees saal baad” is not the mithun chakraborty one.. 😛

    • You are right about the encounter specialist, I felt the same but really.. do you feel other things are childish? what was Kareena’s purpose, nothing? That “kriya karam” nahi hua tha? Why would she give hints “saab yeh meri jagah hai” instead just say i m dead and buried right here? Or we are to assume ghosts can’t reveal? Then why did his son break this rule?

    • Amrit..you are absolutely right …Encounter specialist was stupid thought by this author..and also kareena being a ghost can go anywhere..do whatever she wants now will this above critic tell us how a ghost should behave..is there any rule book…and may be the ghost wanted these guys to regret what they did and do something about it..she gave them time..but they never had any regret about it..so she decided to kill them..its Fiction guys ..so it can be anything..And Tehmur was about to die anyways..but before he takes his last breath ..Rosie wanted to confront him..she didnt kill him..Tehmur is a stupid errand boy..how can you expect him to be super smart..Shes sits in the middle in a cab because there was space empty there in real..come on man grow up..Its not a perfect film..neither was Sixth sense nor is any movie for that matter..not everyone can interpret exactly the same what the director wants to say..accept the fact..some people get it some people dont..you are someone who didnt..so its ok..go and watch sub standard hollywood suspense movies and praise it..but when someone comes with a decent effort in bollywood pull it down with all your power and might..great job..watch jab tak hai jaan..may be you will love it and find lot of rationality in it..keep up the good job.

    • well.. dudes/ dudettes… my post never says that kareena killed them… but of course, kareena intended to kill tehmur warna why appear before him and do the dialoguebaazi.. if you cannot be attentive to either a post or a movie, that’s solely your problem and not mine .. :))

      • I agree with a lot of your comments and I enjoyed this article, really I did. Many things in the movie just did not make sense. That said, you have to agree that some things are not as stupid as you make them out to be. For instance, everyone in general would agree that the encounter specialist comment was made to scare the guy, they said things like “ek din me chaar logo ko uda diya” or something on those lines. Surely, you can’t think that they were serious and start blaming the filmmakers for not showing him shooting people. Even the dialoguebaazi was not so ridiculous according to me..it was just that when Taimur was injured, he sees her. And she wants him to feel the pain she felt when they abandoned her (they did not take her to hospital and just buried her somewhere despite calling her a friend). Ok, so maybe we have an overemotional drama queen ghost here but that’s abt it. In pointing out inconsistencies, we should not start blaming each and every thing. I did not like the film, but I found it much more tolerable than jab tak hai jaan.

      • Also, even if we agree to disagree on these minor issues, I still have a major issue with your analysis. For some reason, you are bringing schizophrenia into this and claiming that the scenes did not make sense. I really do not think the makers were trying to indicate at that at all…this is a pure supernatural thriller, thats all. The dialogue was on the lines of “troubled souls get attracted to troubled people because they see their own pain mirrored in them”. I am not sure why you are interpreting this as “troubled people see things they want to see”. It was ample clear that Kareena was a ghost and not a figment of imagination. How else would Aamir know where she was buried (unless an alternative explanation was offered?). The makers have never claimed this is related to schizophrenia or offered any kind of explanations that would make you think so. I agree that it would have made things more interesting and sensible, but at the end of the day if the makers want to claim/pretend/insist that kareena is a ghost, we have to accept it. This is not a pseudo-intelligent psychological film failing to explain things properly, this is a ghost story, period.

      • @Pooja – thanks for liking it.. yes, i do agree with you that it’s a ghost film.. but my question that still remains is that if the ghost wanted her death to be avenged and she can dive into the sea and open doors and seat belts, why couldn’t she take a knife and kill them?

      • Sorry, I could not reply to my own comment previously so I am doing it in the other comment which makes sense in the context. I am with you regarding the aatma stuff being idiotic. That is why I said I agree with the basic premise of your article. Many things don’t make sense. But then, if at all you want to try and make sense of it, you could also say that the point for Rosie was not just to avenge her own death but for her existence to be acknowledged. She kept repeating through the movie that no one even cared about her disappearance. It is not about her “kriya karm” as such but for people to acknowledge that she was also someone. And for that to happen, she chose the circumstances and acted as she saw fit. Above all, if she had just taken a knife and killed, there would be no movie 🙂

  9. I am someone who turns an ‘aam aadmi’ much to the convenience of film makers and see the film hoping an aam aadmi should like it. While Talaash had meticulous detailing which needs to be appreciated, there were gaping holes in the plot that I just could not digest. The Deus ex machina twist to the climax. As an aam aadmi viewer, I think the movie and more so its ending just did not go well with Brand Aamir. We perceive him as a rational person and i cannot believe it that his movie was propogating the existence of ghosts and such supernatural happenings for real ! Just not on !!

    • Using the same logic as a applied by our friend Souvik Gupta , shutter Island seems to be a copy of Momento…. Cant belive comparing this with Fight club , I guess karthik calling Karthik is close to it certainly not Talaash… And no scene in the movie suggested Kareena wanted a badla and all,ohh wait have you seen Talassh or 20 saal baad… its der in the mind of typical indian viewer who thinks all dat comes from west is classic ….

      • in my post, i never compared Talaash with any other film.. read first and then talk.. of course Kareena wanted a badla, or else why would she appear before their cars and create their accident? what were you watching – Finding Nemo – even that has Talaash in its name.. not all that comes from the west is classic, but Fight Club definitely is.. first go and watch movies, rather than tagging to everyone else’s comment and saying some crap..

    • @shivkumar – Talaash is a sad (read: bad waala sad) movie man.. i m okay with horror film, but the horror here isn’t scary either..

  10. The observations are fine but the post is too exaggerating and verbose.

    Some script inconsistencies may be fine but all movies have the masala elements, which are hard to digest and Talaash is no exception.

    Too much of brain used..

    Enjoy the drama and do less of mental dissection of the plot.


  11. And Souvik, I forgot to ask, “what do you do for a living?” or do you just while away time doing over-analysis of movies? There have been movies that are actually worse and still hit…
    Go watch Son of Sardar and write a review. 😛

    • @mr mind on – when did i say Talaash is the worst film ever or of this year.. but a SOS or Rowdy Rahore never position themselves as brainy films.. which Talaash did.. and when you position urself as an intellectual film, you cannot betray yourself..

      • haha dude, a film’s either good or bad.please stop bothering urself with the ‘intention’ of the movie. talaash is an average suspense drama, SOS a painfully atrocious comedy and JTHJ is a bad bad romance. #FACT 🙂

  12. BIASED against TALASH …
    1)not necessarily an insomniac should look like CHRISTIAN BALE(Machinist),,
    2)if your son dies, will you stop attending social-family parties(of 2 guests invited) :o??? NO,NEVER !!!
    [dude,r u sleeping ??? 🙂 listen carefully d conversation in the dinner-table,it fully signify d party was intended for his wife,who was upset and mentally-disturbed]
    3)obviously drink for subordinates ,, why not ??? don’t forget there profession … 95% of the cops will drink either every weekend/every day … PAIN has nothing to do wit it !!!
    4) he was never an “encounter-specialist”,,even a 8-year child will know that ,,, lol why you expect all the cops to be SADHU AGASY ??? 😛
    5)NAWAZ vs killed by the bullet only ,,,since its a bollywood-commercial film you would expect a little melodrama before dying,,,for sure [JAY of cult-classic SHOLAY is the best example] and NAWAZ did it naturally well rather than dramatically !!!
    6)MARK WHALBERG was nominated for OSCARS for his role in “THE DEPARTED”,,whereas the movie was dominated by JACK NICHOLSON,LEONADRO,MATT DEMON … though he was not a side-kick in the movie but still we shouldnot underestimate the side-kicks because we all know what K.K.MENON did in his 20-minutes role in SHAURIYA !!!
    7)now the BIG ONE …IS SIMRAN REALLY HAVE ANY INTENTION TO TAKE ANY SORT OF REVENGE ??? i dont think so !!! because there are many such events happen on the same road in those years who has nothing to do with SIMRAN … more importantly the main culprit was still alive-crippled !!!

    • hahha… u r one spoilt brat.. u didn’t understand half the things i wrote.. i was cracking up reading ur puerile comment.. 😛

      • Sorry Souvik…Sarbik’s comments are spot on…and you did over analyse the movie too much..its not required..watch inception and no smoking for that matter and give us your analysis..Those are movies which need analysis..too complex and still you can find 1000’s of flaws in them..this was a decent effort and the things you pointed out are too amateur…anyways you can learn from it may be 5-10 years down the road you will understand the fine nuances of cinema and learn to appreciate more.

      • Dude. It was a bad film. I have met tonnes of people everywhere and its only on this online forum I am finding people who like it. It is not a review ok. “understand the nuances of cinema?” Great that you liked it. This movie is NOT COMPLEX at all. It has a simple and straight plot. And if by intelligent and complex you mean (a scene i have mentioned 10 times which comes 30 min into the film) that when the pimp is calling the pros and 3(2+kareena) go he had said “tum dono aao”, then we have different beliefs on language of cinema. So lets just respect each others choices and move on.

      • “puerile comment”! Do you actually look up the dictionary to reply to comments? And you not being able to digest criticism proves how far you understand movies, or art, in general.

      • Funny how people get so touchy on just some analysis of a film and come up with stuff like “maybe you will learn the fine nuances”… delivered as if they are authorities on the subject. Grow up kids. If you liked the film, so be it. I did. That does not mean I have to attack the OP and try to point out why he MUST be wrong. He could be. So? Just try to see another point of view and learn.

      • @Sovik: I must say it appears just other way around. Sarbik have made more sensible comments as compared to those of urs. Please go through the movie once again and you will realize what he means.

  13. dude seriously you need a life…..agreed that ur point is very legitimate but man where in bloddy hell were ur analysis when the viewers were cheated wid appaling films like jthj and sos….i dnt knw if you get paid for writing this but if you are not then its just SAD….after all its just a film ….no need to bring out the inner churail to the fore……maybe ur expectations from an excel film ws killed…bt expectations die everyday so you know DEAL WITH IT..?nuff with the HATE.

    • i don’t express my opinion only if i m paid.. if from SOS’ trailer u couldn’t figure out, it’s going to be a miserable film, then u should practise judgement..

  14. I guess u should write and direct a film..and then i will review it in the same manner..n thrash every cinematic liberty u would take…and make sure…i criticize every little thing…in every possible manner..

  15. Mr. Souvik Gupta,

    Great review..you wish!! But Sadly you are a hypocrite. Sixth sense had it flaws too, so it Fight club. Please go on internet and search you will find plenty. Talaash is not a flawless film, but its a great effort in changing the mindset of Indian audience, who are fed with Singham, Jab tak hai jaan, Ready, Khiladi 786 kind of movies. May be you are one of those people who prefer such movies. Appreciate something decent and different coming from Indian Cinema, which is outside the norm. Dont try to discourage such producers, directors and Actors who show great guts to change the trend and taste for better of Indian audience. Although it had its share of flaws, it was a very well made and very well acted film. Keep up the good work Aamir and Excel. And Souvik please watch Hollywood movies and some SRK, Karan johar, or Rohit shetty movies. May be you will appreciate that. Embrace change brother and learn to appreciate it. No film is perfect.

    • no comment has been deleted… read everything and then speak..
      and as far as small goofs are considered, every film has them, but Talaash is a film with a wrong backbone… and just because it’s better than Ready or SOS, does not make it a great film.. trust me, i didn’t even go to a theatre to watch those films..

      • Caught you SRK fan 😛
        ” just because it’s better than Ready or SOS, does not make it a great film.. trust me, i didn’t even go to a theatre to watch those films.. ” Skipped JTHJ from mathew comment 😉 Nw I m sure u liked JTHJ more then Talaash 😛 and have watched it more then thrice.. Your above piece is nothing but a retaliation to the universally panned movie Ra one 😛 BtW I hav a apt title for JTHJ – Jab Tak he Jesus 😛

      • @prateek – i didn’t like JTHJ either.. and i aint a SRK fan, but then i also had very low expectation from JTHJ, whereas i thought Talaash would be great..

  16. Typical Indian mentality.. Give any HW movie I ll get u the loopholes.. Give any HW movie with a bucket full of loopholes they ll praise it to skies.. But wen the same is shown in BW they ll find it difficult to digest… Such people aretermed as Pseduos …

    • well, can’t help it if you can’t accept a logical dissection.. just 2 months before i heaped praises on Barfi! but i guess you would come to read a review only if it criticises.. so, in a way, the title of the blogpost worked 😛

  17. I don’t know about you guys but when I saw Nawaazuddin being hit by the bullets in his chest, I must have got hundred goosebumps just by looking at his eyes and his acting! It was so underplayed, the shock of him being caught by the goons, injured by all the beating up, combined with the pain of the bullets and THEN suddenly seeing the ghost; you can see them all in his eyes. It is one of the best scenes in the entire film, deserves an award in my opinion! Maybe in reality you would die instantly, but this is drama… remember catharsis!

  18. @mathew where were you when everyone made fun of Ra.One? Wasn’t it a different genre from other hindi films? Nobody praised SRK then for trying something different.

    • agreed.. then we should also praise Kites for trying to go international and Raavan for retelling a mythological epic in a different way.. why should Talaash receive preferential treatment?!

      • RAone was a crap,who says its different ??? v have seen super-hero’s like krish,KMG which were crap as well !!!
        if really any good science fiction exist in our country it has to be shekher kapur’s MR.INDIA !!!

    • I never made fun of RA one or Don 2…but I will make fun of JTHJ, SOTY, SOS, Ready, Bodyguard, Bol bachan….RA one, Don 2, Talaash these are films which require lot of guts to make..and all three of them were great efforts..but dont pull them down like the way you did..its kinda saying that..please dont give us good movies unless its 100% perfect..but give us 60% perfect hollywood movies its ok..we will heap praises on it..but bollywood different movie has to be 100%…damn such hypocrites and discouraging people ..

  19. Well thought and drafted item… Loved reading every part of it. Would highly suggest it to people who just want to watch the movie for the sake of its star value! How they need to know star power cannot uplift a bad script!

    • But she can open doors of drowning and unlock seeat belts? SO she can interact with the physical world correct? So she can take a knife and kill the pimp? No? Why not? Honestly asking because i thought this film be universally panned but some people did like it so maybe I missed something in the meaning of the story..

    • maybe what u r saying is right.. but why should we assume dat.. the movie doesn’t say anywhere that simran and that girl were friends..

  20. I read this review(or whatever the hell it is) till the ‘roflmao’ comment, and at that point the desperation made me want to puke! next thing you know, this intellectual and hilarious dude would say the title ‘3 idiots’ is flawed because aamir was actually smart in the movie! 🙂 try less hard mate…P.S are you amol gupte’s ghost??

    • budd, let me tell you one simple thing, if you think 3 idiots is a good film then it is really tough to take your comment seriously…….. 🙂

      • haha 3 idiots was average, talaash below average, this review just plain horrible!…you completely missed the point mate but I have to give it to , your comment was a ‘brainless entertainer’! 🙂

  21. very well written
    after reading this, i feel much better as all my frustrations have echoed out.
    what i wanted to add was that the revenge reason was not so strong. and Kareena even said this.

  22. My bro sent me this link on FB and here i am reading your comment/review…you dissected the movie…and you were precise as a surgeon ,film any film is not so precise, well i’m not here to take you head on..all i want to say is the movie is brilliant, the way it was shot, the way all the actors performed, i saw this movie in Lucknow and i din have the luxury of expressing my excitement there n then……yeah yeah i don’t have an android phone, but just the opening or title credits with that amazing song….muskhan jooti hai was enuf, i have never seen such a opening in hindi movie, all i want to say is…if you scrutinised this movie so precisely…i din hear anything positive …!

    • Ratan – see what i wrote in the beginning: this is not a review of the film… I am here to reveal the several script inconsistencies of the film… that’s why there are no positives mentioned..

  23. I liked the title of your post.I told my friend the same thing after watching this film.I wonder why all these people labelled it as an investigative thriller when there was not such a thing in the whole movie barring two or three scenes.

  24. I usually don’t comment on articles and rather prefer watching from the sidelines. However, after reading this felt like writing a few things. I am not aware of the credentials of the author and have not made efforts to look at it but in all fairness to her I would say that its her view on the movie and everyone is entitled to have one.

    Somehow I feel that the article is heavily skewed in one particular direction more like the cynical view of life which many a times a lot of us take. There were positives as well as negatives in the movie. But the positives (if at all any) in the article dont do justice to the movie.

    In my opinion this movie should not be compared to Machinist or Fight Club cos’ you are opening a Pandora’s box then. You can then compare it to secret window, black swan and probably beautiful mind as well.

    For me this movie was more about relationships and one’s beliefs rather than ghosts and suspense etc. This movie so nicely brings out the point that a person who detests references to supernatural powers and anything even remotely connected to it, is actually experiencing it in reality but is not aware of it. The movie is about how a tragedy can completely shatter a family’s life and they reach a point of hopelessness. Hopelessness to a point where the wife is happy believing in supernatural powers and the husband being with a hooker. And in between all of this a murder mystery.

    But what wins it for me is the way all the stories converge. In the end it was not about a murder mystery but more about how one experience could shape your opinion about something else. Ultimately, we dont know if the woman was actually able to reach out to Aamir’s dead son. But the point is that Aaamir had no reasons to refute it and believing in it gave him peace of mind.

    I think the movie could be compared to some extent with Frailty. Its a great movie and must watch if one has not already watched it.

    And ultimately life is about how you look at things. I looked at this way. Everyone would obviously not agree. Would say the same for the author who has written a remarkable piece here 🙂

    • Awesome Job Alok…you nailed it..This is crux of the movie actually…but foks like Raja sen, Souvik..want to get into the nitty gritty of things..try to find flaws and forget the so called backbone of the movie. Well thankfully majority of the people are like you, so thats positive. But you have put it amazingly.

    • Woah Alok, that’s called a Review. Think about a career in being a critic buddy, you certainly have it in you. Mind blowing analysis and spot on too.

    • Hi Alok,
      As you say this movie was about relationships and beliefs, did you feel the characters were set up? I personally did not emotionally connect with the movie. And I know why. I would have agreed with your statement if this happened -> The filmmakers marketed it as a suspense thriller, ok no issues. But the whole movie mostly was served as a Suspense thriller also (“Mujhe iski Talaash hai”). Had the treatment in the movie been different I would have agreed. Think Lagaan, if one remembers the promos had absolutely nothing to do with Cricket and when it started my father looked at me angrily that I have tricked him into a cricket movie. But thereafter the film was honest, there were both. The cricket and the Indo-Anglo angle (“Tum saala ghulaam log meri jooti k neechi”- what a scene). Again I am not comparing it to Lagaan, I am just saying I am certain the film could have been much more emotional and made me feel invested in the characters. The scene where Aamir is thinking of “what all he could have said instead ok just- OK go, to his son was a good one but none more than that. I felt the emotions were just flat.

    • well, i would just reiterate what i had mentioned at the beginning.. the post does not have positives because it’s not a review.. it only points at the script inconsistencies 🙂

  25. First and foremost, the author has warned everyone of the spoiler.
    I wanna comment on what everyone is picking on in this movie.
    1. He is not comparing it to Fight Club or Machinist, you are all missing the point. I don’t know about anyone else but every human I know who goes to watch a mystery/suspense and tries to unravel the mystery themselves also. It is like a puzzle that you as an audience also watch (please no comments that- why watch a movie to dissect, just enjoy bla bla.. sorry but anyone and everyone I know tries to guess at least subconsciously esp in suspense/mystery thrillers- thats how I think the human mind is conditioned).
    So IF the ghost story is to be digested, there are some rules that should be followed and that is something like “Mise en scène”.
    For e.g. I made a ghost film myself but the editor (has cut motion films and is well respected) said to me you have to do something in the ghost scenes (maybe color grade differently etc) so the audience does not feel cheated.
    What I am trying to say is, there should not be rules for ghosts to behave- noone is saying that. But there should be some rules set for the audience how the scenes are portrayed and that is where he referenced Fight Club.
    It is very hard to digest Kareena hanging in the brothel with a huge smile and cracking jokes in the Taxi. Yes technically there were no flaw in this. But it just makes me feel cheated. Yes the pimp never looked at her etc Yes he said “Tum dono aao”. But that was no intelligent way to misuguide the way.

  26. Some typos in my previous comment 🙂
    … that was no intelligent way to misuguide the audience. So I won’t say this is how it should be else its wrong. I did not see any sense in why that character will behave that way (apart from just to misguide the audience).
    If this was me a 16 year old Aamir fan (am older and matured now- I hope so), I would not have digested this article. Even my own last comment was- Maybe the ghost does not know any way out and was just trying to live. Are ghosts supposed to be brooding everytime? Maybe she had just made piece and wanted to stay in this world like this.
    That yes explains it, but then it just defends it.
    Why will I watch a movie where the character who is killed does not want the killer nabbed itself? Why not make it about the characters like Alok Srivastava has said?
    The movie did portray itself an awful lot like a suspense thriller throughout.
    I personally think the creators had the characters in their head but did not translate these with a screenplay where there are scenes which get us attached to the character. A teenager will care for an Edward or a Hrithik regardless of the character but old people like us (I guess) care about the characters and not the actors. There is only so much they can do with their acting.
    There is one scene where I defend Talaash. My friends say that scene where Rani Aamir and fighting and Aamir’s sub-ordinate says “Sir mein baad mein aata hu” comes out funny not emotional.
    I defend k that very moment I am sure the makers wanted it to come out humorous. Because from their viewpoint we have been kep too much in a tense and sad environment and that moment was needed to ease everyone (you will see this with all great directors they will throw in some amount of humor).
    Where I get upset is none of the scenes before that have made me feel so emottional/attached that I needed that ice breaker.
    I myself did not feel Aamir was as disturbed (and hence the extreme comparison to Machinist by the author).
    I would say “o they should have showed him not so clean shaven everyday” etc but I won’t because that is overkill (though personally strongly feel that). So I won’t say what they should have, but yes it was below average and should have been better.

    • same here Archie.. even few of my friends thought that confrontation scene between Aamir n Rani is funny but i think that’s natural..

  27. well, i guess most people who are commenting haven’t read the first paragraph… i have clearly mentioned two things:
    (a) if you haven’t watched the film and plan to watch it or you are a die-hard Aamir Khan fan who thinks AK can’t do anything wrong, then don’t read further
    (b) this is NOT a review of the film. Let me be very frank, I find it quite a below-average film, and I am here to reveal the several script inconsistencies of the film..

    SO, don’t treat this as a review.. and that is the only reason I didn’t talk about the positives in the film.. i love 3 Idiots but i don’t have the same feeling for Talaash.. you may or may not agree to everything I said, just the way I don’t agree to every critics’ opinion.. that’s how it goes!

    And as far the entire Hollywood – Bollywood comparison and egoism brought into picture, I think it’s absolutely unnecessary.. the post draws reference to Fight Club & Machinist only to discuss what could have happened.. no film is absolutely perfect and nowhere does my post say that every Bolly film is trash and every Holly film is great.. 80% of american films are crap but that doesn’t take away anything from the fact that they have handled many offbeat film with much more conviction than we have done.. it’s time we start coming up with experimenting in more diverse genre of films and at the same time, put more conviction in them…

    • wow.. u really wrote a review to analyse my post? really? wow!! u make me feel special rajtilak.. u really do… thanks man!!

      • You’re welcome. BTW you might wanna check the settings of this blog, cause I ain’t getting any updates when you replied to my comment although I did opt for it.

      • Oh and by the way, I never knew you were so low in self-esteem that you never thought someone can write an analysis of your writeup. Honestly, this blog is good you know, its only your over-analysis of a simple movie like Talaash is what sucks.

      • thanks for liking it.. the tech experts of MAM will surely note your comment.. btw, did you confirm your subscription of following the comments? there is a mail that comes to id.. you will have to go there and confirm it..

    • In your article you say:
      “Because it turns a horror movie.”
      Well does ghost=horror? Was this a horror movie.
      See if you are pointing fingers at someone’s understanding of cinema, double check yours. I would have been perfectly fine (and I guess the author Souvik too) if this turned into a horror movie. Like I feel Lagaan, it tricked getting the audience without revealing its a cricket movie. Once it had the audience in for the first week, good word of mouth helped. But not this. This is a suspense thriller movie. And (digest it) the mystery is that ghost killed people (or because of it they died).

      • I don’t understand movies much Archie, seriously. But I do understand the difference between a horror movie and the genre called horror.

    • haha.. i dunno about the self esteem part.. i just did not expect someone to write a blog analysing my post.. well, my major complaint from the movie is that it never projected itself as a simple film.. it was presented as this big intellectual film..

      • Its working now. But where on earth did you get the idea that this movie presented itself as high on intellectualism!

  28. Nice Analysis..But how could u forget the Lamest Scene of the movie…?? Aamir and Rani watching Golmaal 3…Starring Kareena Kapoor aka Bhoot ! 😀

  29. Definitely agreed that it was a below average movie & coming from Aamir it is really sad & not worth the wait. I was always thinking there is some other trcik just before the movie ends to justify “THE AAMIR KHAN” movie but sadly did not happen.
    I would request Aamir to remake it once more with more solid plot & a schizophrenic angle put in with Aamir himself commiting the murders, imagining Kareena was wronged. Wow..I shud write to Farhan about this.

  30. Actually I think the script writers were lazy or somewhat unimaginative in this instance…I am not saying Zoya and Reema are bad writers. But, they could have really made this movie from just being an irrational ghost story, to a rational story where Amir Khan is having hallucinations due to depression/schizophrenia etc and “seeing” things and the deaths happening due to unexplained human acts. Of course, in such a situation he would have encountered Rosie earlier when she was alive and the scenes later on would have been his imaginations etc. It would have been tough to write but it might have been a superb story. Either the writers copped out or did not want to go there for some reason. For example “Lage Raho Munnabhai” created such a beautiful, rational and believable setting for Gandhi to be present in the room and that was handled extremely well in a way ordinary people could understand where he came from. Had this story been handled similarly it would have been awesome to watch. In any case, for me the movie was unsatisfying although technically and performance wise it was good.

    • Agreed. Or they could have made the same story, but made the characters worth caring. Why should I care for Kareena? I am trying to put in words what I didn’t like. Apart from Aamir thinking of multiple scenarios what he could have said to his son that would have saved his life, I don’t remember any scene that made me care about the couple either.

  31. hey Souvik, this goes out only and only cause of the requests 🙂

    So while it is totally pointless to actually nitpick or defend what is not yours, and while critiquing a piece is definitely not about suggesting through analogies what should have been done, i found some really interesting view points in the piece, described ass plot holes (many would say the size of pot holes on bangalore roads , trust me moon craters pale in comparison to them) i begged to differ, since Talaash, though not a brilliant film, was a very decent and refreshing one.
    The first point i found weird was the thing of not doing justice to any genre. From the beginning, none of the people associated with the film divulged anything about it. was it a thriller/ horror/suspense/psychopath saga etc was left for the overzealous media to decide and brand, which has perhaps betrayed many an audience, a compulsion that stems from our necessity to brand, slot, categorize every and anything. The film was at its core a supernatural film, not about bhoots, not about horror, but super natural, about something extra natrual, that can only be experienced, a feeling so internal and inexplicable like the loss of someone close, the child in the movies case. The case it tried to build was of a very understated underhand melancholy, something that i saw in another beautiful supernatural drama, the orphanato. Could it have gone the way a vikram bhat film goes? perhaps. yet, this was a new way for our films, especially in an year where horror was defined by commercial successes like 1929 evil returns and raaz 3, horrendous films both. With something like this, that doesnt in your face scare you, but lives in the head like a disturbing scary thought long after the movie ends, Talaash pushed the limits of commercial hindi cinema.

    Then there is the point of Nawazuddin being a redundant story piece. something i found to be a rather lackasisal understanding of the story per se. Apart from being a supernatural saga, Talaash also was a comment on the haalat of sex workers. Nawauddin, in this light and the fact of the movie trying to hide the fact that of the aatma, was a rather clever story device that served as the joker throughout- h helped complete the prostitutes can have and want to have an alternate life theme, with this intent to marry nirmala and the whole money bag being left with her thing- as a character who suddenly seems to be getting into the thick of the who killed armaan scene, he came across as the quintessential red herring; divert your atention towards him only to vanish into thin air all of a sudden, turn into a dead lead, flumoxxing you as a viewer thinking why what how- classic hitchcok i must add. His part was in a way also the audience’s eye- seeing thru all the pieces of the puzzle, yet unable to figure out what is the real deal. and considering the amazing actor that he is, why not?!

    then there is the whole deal of Rosi being the jobless bhoot of the century. There were many who didnt quite like the twist in the end her character had. few with me actually guessed it mid way. I for one never guessed it, and was literally taken by a shock when the twist revealed, perhaps also why the movie worked for me. though, i felt there was something amiss in the twist, i saw it thrice hence, and then it dawned on me, that Rosie was never meant t do a Sanjana on me. Rosie was a Rosie and a Rosie she did.

    There is difference between a bhoot, a chudail,and an aatma. A difference that an avid horror movie buff like yourstruly would understand and appreciate. Rosie, was an aatma, a spirit, as was amply mentioned in the movie. Spirits, or aatma’s unlike Bhoots and the witchy versions of a chudail, are pained souls, born out of a deep sense of pain, unable to cross over into the nether world, stuck to- and this is the crucial part- the places they resided in. Ever seen or read stories where spirits keep doing what they did the last few moments of their life over and over again, every day the same time the same place? visiting the same places they were in teh last few minutes of their lives? Rosie was doing exactly that. Aatma’s are powerless- they cannot kill- they can only be a cause of death- Rosie, in the film, never once killed anyone per se. She was just the cause of the deaths. Kejriwal, Aman, both were able to see her, cause they were responsible for her death, and died cause of her appearence, not cause she could drive a chaaku thru their hearts. Why couldnt anyone see her? Of course we dont see spirits now do we? Why does only Amir see her? or Why Does only Teymur see her in his last moments of death? Cause both Aamir and Teymur (in that moment) were in pain- anyone familiar with the idea of spirits would know, that spritis born out of pain, are drawn to and are visible to people who are in some sort of similar and deep pain- A fact also established by the story it self- And hence Amir seeing her, and the extended death of Teymur- it was a scene needed to establish the fact of Rosie being a spirit, a point where the script was slowly giving out its cards in quick succession.

    What was rosie doing fro three years? bidding her time? may be. An Aatma, a spirit is tied to the place of her death. Rosie was tied to the lido, the road where she fell, the red light area where she was waiting for clients that fateful day- She keeps roaming the streets, like business as usual, even in her spirit form- thats the curse an aatma suffers from. totally logical now, if u think it this way isnt it? Why she cudnt kill her tormentors in the three years? cause she is tied to these places, she cant do anything till they come to these places. Past three years, there were A file cases in the same place- plausible that people, random people who had some pain, crossed the road and were able tos ee rosie, and hence the crash? The day in three years armaan crossed the place, he saw her too, recognised her and met his fate. The day kejriwal came to the same place, he saw her and went to his watery grave too! plausible aint it? Shuld the story have established all of this verbatim? in that case, reema kagti nahi, this wouldve been Vikram bhats talaash.

    Rosie was seen to all of us the audience for the entire film- she was not imaginary, she was an aatma,and there would ahve been no suspense of any sorts if the case was anything but us seeing her throughout. When u see the movie over and over again, you realise, that not once does nayone react to rosie’s presence in the scenes pre interval. Those of us who figured that out in the first viewing, it was fun doing the guessing game for the rest of the film, those of us who didnt (i didnt i swear) it was such a rewaridng revelation the second time i saw the film! It is a story device again, a brilliant one at that, establishing the character as a living being, and then turning it over the head!

    Amir was not morose enough, he was not pained enough, he was an “encounter specialist” (something which i remember was only told once to scare teymur in custody- couldve been just to threaten him aswell couldnt it be), who are we to dcide how to do the role? any thing can be done a zillion ways, this was the way Amir did it, and it was bautiful. His breakdown in the end of the movie, justified his stern emotionlessness for most part of the film. personally, it was more close to how people would in real life deal with pain. Life goes on, Things move on, pain remains, but you move on, work with life. That was what his character was doing, so was Rani’s. Their story infact, was the perfect parallel to the pain of the aatma as well and a beautiful thing that made me watch teh film over and over again.
    I personally believe, the film could have done with may be a wee bit more spookiness. Then i viewed it thrice, and i came to realize, that the movie was a subtle and underhanded emotinal one- supernatural is not always about the in your face, it is also about a sense of deep loss and pain- something that Talaash beautifully put across. The talaash was always lying within now wasnt it?

    • AB – i love you man.. but i have this feeling you are forcibly trying to convince yourself (and not me) why you like this film.. coz all those points which u found logical about the aatma stuck to that place, i find it utter crap, because Kareena could practically go anywhere and everywhere – behind the shady wall, overhearing temur and nirmala’s conversation, on the bridge during the song, in the hotel – everytime she had a new dress and only when she is revealed to the audience as a ghost, she keeps wearing the white dress – isn’t that misleading.. because no one was reacting to her, that’s why i could figure out in my first viewing and that too way before interval that she is a ghost.. and as Archie pointed, when Shashi enters the room and says, “tum dono aao” and even Kareena goes, it’s evident..
      and why do you think Reema Kagti is a great filmmaker – just because there is an Aamir Khan in her film – her previous film, though enjoyable – had a honeymoon couple of ichchhadahri Superman & Superwoman.. but because it was lighter, i still digested.. i m in office and don’t have the time to break the other points, but they are all to naive to me – as if you are trying to justify the loopholes just because u liked the film.. which is fair, it happens!!

  32. Guys chill. It’s the writers POV on personal blog. Itna lafda toh padney ka nahin na. Plus I did not see the film coz the trailers were really thanda. Fortunately, I don’t have the desire to look for depth in Bollywood type of cinema and go only for what Vidya said Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment – and trailer mei hee talash karta reh gaya main entertaiment!!

  33. There are many flaws in your fault finding as well, let me state a few:-
    1)Then, we are said that Amir is an “encounter specialist” – and there isn’t even one encounter in the entire film.
    It was just a trick of his subordinate to intimate Temur which failed. He was in-charge of that area not an encounter specialist, you simply failed to understand that.

    2)Why She had to plan for the killings and She could have easily killed earlier.
    In movie the Ghost was only able to make herself visible and to make some people hear her words that’s all. In 6th Sense as well Bruce had some limitations, like he was only visible or was able to speak to a boy not everyone. Moreover he wasn’t even able to open doors. So why can’t an India Ghost have some limitations.

    3) Why Temur ran out of the Railway Station?
    I think it was better to get away from the Station as he had already tried switching trains. However, you can be right, it might have been safer to stay there. But then do you always take best decisions in your life. Not sure abt you but generally people do make mistake and there is nothing exceptional abt it.

    Can state many more points but I am not a writer or critique. My point is if someone don’t like a Movie, everything in that movie looks wrong to him. However, that’s not exactly the case.

    • see Manu.. u agree with Sarbik – which is great.. but when it comes to the same question, you two have different things to say.. when i ask about Simran’s intent to kill –
      Sarbik says, “i dont think so !!! because there are many such events happen on the same road in those years who has nothing to do with SIMRAN … more importantly the main culprit was still alive-crippled !!!”
      and you say, “In movie the Ghost was only able to make herself visible and to make some people hear her words that’s all. In 6th Sense as well Bruce had some limitations, like he was only visible or was able to speak to a boy not everyone. Moreover he wasn’t even able to open doors. So why can’t an India Ghost have some limitations.”
      So, while you think she couldn’t kill them, Sarbik thinks she didn’t want to.. and you two agree with each other.. can you see the inconsistency even in your agreement?
      yes, i might be wrong about the encounter specialist thing but rest everything else is perfect.. and as far as limitation of ghost is considered, did you ignore the penultimate scene where Simran opens the car-door and unlocks the seat belt? if she could do that, why couldn’t she stab with a knife!

      and as far as Temur’s decision to run out is considered, it was only contrived to make him die.. nothing else.. and then he was dragged to the roof of that building with 100 people working downstaris, the same people who attacked Temur’s killers.. we can’t justify the script inconsistency as bad decision of a character!!

      • Dude, I do agree with some of his points not all… I wrote that comment just because you discarded his comment altogether which is not justified. Even according to you one of his point was correct(encounter specialist)

        About her intent to kill, I don’t think she wanted to kill Shashi or Temur and wasn’t directly responsible for their murders. However, yes She did seek revenge from Kejriwal and Aarmaan and was directly responsible for their accidents(murders). She didn’t need to kill Nikhil as He was already suffering for his deeds. Anyway, He was not in condition to help her at the time of accident so I don’t think any grudge against him make sense at all.

        Coming to Temur’s running:-
        I still believe given such condition a person like Temur will be more interested in running out of that place instead of going to police etc. He won’t believe too much in police as Kejriwal is much more influential than him. And people in Indian cities are anyway too much indifferent to crimes happening around them so forget abt anyone saving him from armed goons.

        I guess movie writer doesn’t need to make sure that the character always makes best decisions but yes he should make practical decision which other people might also take in that situation.

        I never said/claimed all the flaws you mentioned are wrong, or all what Movie Writer has written is flawless. But just that “There are too many flaws in these fault finding article.”

  34. I,d heard u r a wannabe who do crappy things with camera…….. but never knew u analysis can be so crappy as well… get some life dude

    • well, at least you know who i am, read what i wrote, felt strong enough to comment on it, a Raja Sen shares my blog on his timeline and defends it, a Diptakriti writes a blog to analyse my post.. so, at least i am someone.. but who are you? i don’t know if the name you have used is genuine.. i am ignorant of and indifferent to you.. so, who should get something out of his/her life – me or you?

      • **Rajanikant and not Rajtilak

        indifferent!!!! i tht u replied??

        n perhaps u got it all wrong. by “crappy things with camera” i meant “the things criminals do to each other when inside prison”.
        ya dats wat i heard u

        Admin- Comment has been partially deleted to avoid personal attacks of an unpleasant kind.To the commenter and others- kindly refrain from resorting to
        such stuff.

  35. Really interesting post, even I didn’t like the movie and had same issues mentioned in the post. This movie had all the elements of being a block buster thriller but it ended up being a blocked and busted mess. Just to bring to your notice, you missed one thing though, when Aamir and Rani go for movie, where Rani is Laughing continuously, they Are watching Golmaal 3 which stars Kareena Kapoor. Aamir being chief investigation officer of a so-called murder mystery couldn’t make out that Rosie and the actor in the movie look exactly the same?

  36. Well i have been avoiding watching this movie, considering the hype when it was released and courtesy some assholes who revealed climax on FB. Finally i watched the movie with zero expectation,i thought i am like it,but alas.I agree with you this movie should have been renamed as chudail ka Badla.
    If only filmmakers had spent so much time in scripting as much as you devoted on writing this we could have enjoyed a better movie.

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