“Widows” Steve McQueen: the big movie of the moment according to The Mask and the Pen!

Is it so serious if a filmmaker-author first approaches the popcorn cinema by administering a particular dose of know-how? After 12 Years a Slave and especially Hunger. Steve McQueen does not need to justify himself. Much more accomplished works. They stand out from this fourth feature film. Widows, which mainly relies on the presence of very good actresses. It is including a Viola Davis appropriating his character with a verve unparalleled.

In fact no, there is also an extraordinary relationship with the medium. It is including the very beautiful and anxious photo direction of Sean Bobbitt. Today, certain critical circles do not forgive the filmmakers whom they have venerated as authors to sincerely reclaim mainstream cinema. This probably explains why before the beginning, McQueen speaks (on screen) a minute or two to the audience in the audience. Thanking him for coming to see his film.

Critics cine Mask and the Pen have been literally conquered by the latest film Steve McQueen. Between political and film action worthy of Coppola, Scorsese, Soderbergh … But also art framing, staging, light … all with actresses and amazing actors!

Summary of Steve McQueen’s film, by Jérôme Garcin

The new film by British superstar Steve McQueen, the award-winning Hunger and Twelve Years a Slave. Widows with Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Colin Farrell, Liam Neeson and Robert Duvall. And it is adapted from the English series of the 1980s: Widows, his first thriller. After the death of four robbers in a case that went wrong. Their widows decide to finish the work to pay the debts of their deceased husbands. They decide to make a hellish hold up, Kalashnikov in hand, and challenge the political mafia that holds the city, Chicago. Until they realize that they are being manipulated …

An exciting political thriller reminiscent of Coppola, according to Nicolas Schaller. It’s a political hotline that addresses all the hot topics of the day: “Me Too“, “Black Live Matter” … Steve McQueen wanted to brew all the big topics of the moment.

One of the strengths of the film is to portray Chicago and how the different communities are located, to the point. That it feels like you have to do with several cities.

The actors are great, especially Colin Farrell and Robert Duvall. They remind us of the films of Francis Ford Coppola and James Gray.

Also noteworthy is the effectiveness of Gillian Flynn. The novelist of Gone Girl (who worked on the script of her film adaptation by David Fincher) and found here in the screenplay.

We feel that Steve McQueen wants to convey messages.

As a passage a little out of place on contemporary art but the film remains exciting.

Danièle Heymann was swept away by the force. The rage and the battle of the women, depicted on the screen
Widows may look like a “Me Too” movie on paper. But on screen not at all. He did not pour in the air of the day and that’s great.

The film is supported enough every time: corruption is widespread, racism is ambient, machismo is galloping …

And at the same time, there is the preparation for this robbery … We say that they will never get there, but we are carried away by the force, the rage and the battle of these women. I could watch Viola Davis read the phone book for hours, she’s gorgeous.

Amazing women and a film reminiscent of Michael Mann and Steven Soderbergh. It according to Eric Neuhoff
Widows. It is the result of the benefits of the genre film on an Artist with a big A! This film is a good thing to Steve McQueen, we feel that it is fun and it goes for it! It’s “A Braking and four funerals“!

There is the city of Chicago, with its architecture, corners that are not used to seeing in the cinema: vacant lots, a political campaign …

All women are amazing, they are much better treated than men in this film, they are funny like anything!

It reminds me of the movies by Michael Mann and Steven Soderbergh.

What’s more, it’s a totally Macronian film because it proves that when you want work, you just have to cross the street …

For Michel Ciment, it’s both the work of a great artist and a great action movie!
It’s a great movie. And what’s great about Steve McQueen is the variety of what he undertakes. He started by creating new forms and now he is reorganizing old forms.

His films do not look like films by Martin Scorsese or Michael Mann. It’s different and he still has a very disputable point of view.

The staging is drawn with the chalk: each shot is chiseled, there is a beauty in the framing, in the light … Steve McQueen is a great artist!

And at the same time, it’s a great action movie. While being very different from a Martin Scorsese or a Michael Mann.


Rating: R (for violence, language throughout, and some sexual content/nudity)

Genre: Drama
Directed By: Steve McQueen (III)
Stars: Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Debicki
Written By: Steve McQueen (III), Gillian Flynn
In Theaters: Nov 16, 2018 Wide
On Disc/Streaming: Feb 5, 2019
Runtime: 128 minutes
Studio: 20th Century Fox

Stephanie Zacharek
A thriller for modern women who identify more with the messiness of human lives than with flattened slogans about how great women, as a monolithic group, are.

tt stern-enzi
A great ensemble cast, Steve McQueen lets loose on some of the formalism we’ve seen in some of his other films and, it moves really well.

Josephine Livingstone
It’s the dashing camerawork and broad historical awareness of Widows that makes it a truly sophisticated action film, and by far the best crime movie of 2018 so far.

Richard Brody
The movie tosses back at viewers a variety of casual exasperations-inchoate, flip, and manipulable-that flatten and simplify the very ills and grievances that it dramatizes.

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