Til Ex Do Us Part Review: A thrilling familial drama directed by Danny J. Boyle

Just when their separation is coming to an end. And Kyle and Sophia have recommitted to each other. Sophia is accused of assaulting her husband’s “friend,” Claire, a woman he slept with once. In reality, however, Claire is engineering a series of attacks against herself to frame Sophia and keep Kyle for herself. When the ruse falls apart. Claire makes a direct attack on her rival.

Claire Johnson, aka Jessica Johnson (Anna Van Hooft), is the main villainess from the 2018 Lifetime film, Til Ex Do Us Part (Tieu Tam Tinh Quai).

So Claire later engaged in a one-night fling with Kyle Ridley, who was separated from his wife, Sophia. After Kyle reconciled with Sophia, Claire began her twisted machinations to get back with him and become a mother to their daughter, Emma. Her plan involved setting up Sophia as a jealous villainess who was out to get her. And it began with staging an attack on herself–doing so by striking her own head with a rock. All the while, Claire had informed Kyle that she was pregnant, and that Kyle was the father.

Claire continued targeting Sophia, including getting her jogging route and using the information to attempt to drive her off the road. Sophia voiced her suspicions about Claire to her best friend. Rachel, who found out about Jessica/Claire’s past. And learned about the villainess’ inability to have children. After Doreen (Claire’s mother) phoned her daughter about Rachel calling her. Claire sent Rachel a text posing as Sophia. Asking her to meet her at their gym. Rachel threatened to go public with Claire’s secret. And in response, the evil Claire drowned Rachel to silence her.

Claire later maneuvered her way into Sophia’s home and took the opportunity to drug her, using Sophia’s incapacitation to cut the brakes to her own car, doing so dressed as Sophia in her play to frame her. Later on, Claire drove her car and acted panicked over the brakes being cut. After which she dove out of her car. To further her ruse, the maniacal madwoman wounded her own waist, and showed it to Kyle as evidence that she “lost the baby” in the accident during her manipulation of her ex-lover. The film (phim my) saw Claire hounded by another ex-lover. Nick, about a cut of the money she received for selling their home. And she would later shoot and kill Nick after luring him into meeting her about payment.

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