The Transporter 1 Review: This is an important action movie for Jason Statham

The Transporter introduced us to the newest action hero on the block: Jason Statham; when the film first appeared, everyone was like “Isn’t that the guy from Lock Stock?” and we then bore witness to his awesome ass kicking skills.

A trained Olympic athlete, Statham was no stranger to working out and had trained in Jiu Jitsu for years so it was inevitable that he would try his hand at action. We just didn’t know just How great he’d be at it.

Frank Martin is (thus far) Statham’s most iconic character, returning for a further 2 sequels and making a pretty penny at the box office. I consider this to be one of the most important action movies of the last decade, as it showed us that some people still knew how to make old-school action movies. But what people? The French, that’s who.

The Transporter 1 (Nguoi Van Chuyen 1) is filmed in the South of France and the cinematography is fabulous. It opens with a classic car chase through the streets of Nice and I have to say that it’s never looked more appealing.

The Transporter is an important action movie for Jason Statham

The film doesn’t waste any time in introducing us to Frank; a man with his own set of rules… which he breaks in every movie. Frank is a great character; tough, mysterious and cool; played to perfection by Statham.

The supporting cast are all great, especially Shu Qi (Thu Ky) who is just gorgeous and very likable on screen.

The choice of music was a breath of fresh air to the action genre; it had a Euro sound to it and mixed dance tunes with traditional score. It works really well in establishing the atmosphere for the film and I still have it in my iPod on a regular basis.

The plot was something kinda different and felt fresh for the most part with a satisfying conclusion.

Flaws? It is very silly in places and some of the action is a bit hard to swallow, but this is easily the best in the series and the best directed.

The dialogue is overall pretty forgettable with no real stand out one-liners, but this was a new kind of action movie for the next generation so a new direction was required.

Overall, The Transporter is an important action movie which helped establish Jason Statham as the newest badass on the block and 10 years later, he still has no competition. Definitely worth a watch for some old school and new school action mixed together. This review comes from Theactionelite.

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