The One 2001 Review: The action and special effects come across contrived and staged

The One can be a lot of fun once you convince yourself not to pay too much attention to the fact that it unashamedly rips off the kung fu action sequences of The Matrix. Time standing still? Check. Dodging slow motion CGI bullets? Check. Impossible physical feats? Check. Yup, it’s all there – and at times you’d feel as if you’re watching The Matrix 2.

Jet Li (Ly Lien Kiet) plays Gabe, Yulaw, Lawless. Yulaw is the villain of our story and Gabe, an LA County Sheriff’s deputy, is our unlikely hero. He is pursued through these different dimensions by Redecker (Delroy Lindo) and Funsch (James Statham). They are agents of the Multiverse Bureau of Investigation. Yulaw is sentenced to the Hades Universe for his multiple murders. Killing is so casual that they count down his victims for us before sentencing.

Yulaw has murdered himself 123 times in other worlds. He is also a former agent of the MBI. When he first killed himself in another universe, he discovered it gave him extra energy. Yulaw then got this brilliant idea to become The One. He wants all the power of his other selves. Each death has made him stronger, faster, and smarter. Quicker than you can “rip-off “The Matrix” again”, Yulaw can now dodge bullets, jump over high walls, and be clocked by police radar at running over 50 mph.

The action and special effects come across contrived and staged. And the battle between Gabe and Yulaw? Watch out, cause if these two fighting each other both die, then there goes the universe .

There are some other negatives besides the violence: a homosexual “king-of-the-hill” plot point at the end, and two men discuss gay pornography while they are working.

For some reason, both movies star Jason Statham of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels fame. He is a lot better in this movie than in Ghosts; then again, this is a better movie all-round.

The One (Ke Doc Ton) is a quite good action movie. However, there is very little language. But even with that said, “The One” is not a must-see.

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