The Haunted Cinema 2 Review: A thriller horror film directed by Yuan Jie

An actress is killed on the set of a horror movie, and her ghost begins to haunt the director, a former lover and her colleagues. In order to get rid of the curse, they organise a midnight movie showing in honour of her memory, not knowing what awaits them in the cinema trap…

A Haunted Cinema 2 (Rap Chieu Phim Ma Am 2) is a 2014 Chinese suspense thriller horror film directed by Yuan Jie. It was released on October 30.

A cinema which is located at the top of mall often have strange occurrence. The developers of the mall are dying and legend has it said to be possessed by ghost. In order to save her father’s life. The daughter of the cinema’s developer decided to lure a group of students into the theatre and trap them there.

At midnight, the newly-opened cinema in the deserted area ushered in a horror movie (phim kinh di chieu rap) viewing group. So eight young people were invited by the developer to experience the cinema environment. The first Yu Yue is actually the daughter of the developer, in order to Rescuing the father. So she listened to the guidance of the “mysterious man”, tricked the classmates. And wanted to live in the “evil” under the cinema.
It turned out that this theater was constantly “haunted” from the time of construction. It is said that the location of the theater is in the ghost gate of the city. In ancient times, there were high-ranking people who used the technique of “eight evils in the town” to put the bodies of eight wicked people into the shackles. bury. After the construction team dug out the coffin, the ghost door opened. And so there were many strange deaths on the construction site.
Many strange events occurred in A Haunted Cinema 2. Both developers were violent. Now, the third developer is also dying. As the students entered the cinema, the strange phenomenon began to appear one after another. And the students fell into the trap of the evil spirits and began the night of death…

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