Anchu Sundarikal: Trailer

Anthology films are in vogue now & Anchu Sundarikal (5 beautiful  women) is one such forthcoming Malayalam movie. The brainchild of cinematographer turned filmmaker, Amal Neerad, Anchu Sundarikal looks at women of 5 types- mother,daughter,lover, wife and actress through 5 short films.

Lokpal: Trailer

Lokpal is a forthcoming Malayalam movie which sees veterans Joshiy and S.N.Swamy come back together after a long time. The director-writer combination of Joshiy and S.N.Swamy have worked together on films like Naduvazhikal, Dhruvam, Sainyam, Janmam etc.

Venicile Vyapari-Trailer

Shafi happens to be one of the most prolific commercial filmmakers in Malayalam Cinema these days. He has already worked with Mammootty in 3 films so far-Thommmanum Makkalam, Mayavi and Chattambinaadu, all of which were successful at the box-office. Shafi and Mammootty are back again together with Venecile Vyapari ( Merchant of Venice ) and…