The Overnight: Official Trailer

The Overnight is a 2015 American sex comedy film written and directed by Patrick Brice.The film is about how a children’s playdate becomes a couple’s playdate,  after the children are put to sleep. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2015, with distribution rights bought by The Orchard. shortly after, the film…

Alfonso Cueron

Alfonso Cuarón on what inspires individuals to become film directors and why?

Alfonso Cuarón, the acclaimed director of films like  Y Tu Mamá También and Gravity, answered this question What inspires individuals to become film directors and why? which was posted on Quora. Alfonso talks about how as a child he was obsessed with cinema and how he could try to deconstruct scenes of cinema in his mind again and again. 

Some know him as God, you may call him Marty.

In a world where the superstars or actors pull-in the crowd, how many directors manage to do the same?  How many directors command a bigger pedestal than the cast of the movie? Not many, I guess. During the Academy awards, one name was invoked more often than anybody else’s name. Martin Scorsese. After giving us…