Shui.Shen.Wa Review: A Exciting Chinese Fantasy Cartoons

Shui.Shen.Wa is a Chinese Cartoon film, released in 2017.

Shui.Shen.Wa (Thuy Than Truyen: Ma Long Giang The) story: The goddess of water god guards the canal, but the king of bitter sea dragon has coveted the treasure figure in her hand for a long time, and finally one day, the king of bitter dragon and water goddess face each other.

This coincides with the birth of the child of the goddess of water. In the shell. Shuibao was adopted by a kind bachelor. The adoptive father told Shuibao his life before he died.

Shuibao grew up on a journey with his friends, and finally revenge his mother and guarded the canal.

Shui.Shen.Wa (phim hoat hinh than thoai) is an interesting and interesting animated film, which will surely make you very excited to watch.

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