Ragnarok Concept Art: Thor Gets a Striking New Look

We have some new concept art from Thor: Ragnarok that reveals alternate looks for Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder. The 2017 Marvel Cinematic Universe entry completely reinvented the character, who has been a staple of the movies since the early days. Part of that was providing Thor with a new look. But as we see in these new images, things could have gone in a very different direction.

The art was shared by Andy Park, the head of Marvel Studios’ visual development, over the weekend on Instagram. First up, we have one that he refers to a “scruffy” Thor. Director Taika Waititi wanted a different look for the character in this movie. And this was one of the concepts Park came up with. As we can see, Thor has looked better, with his hair shaggy and messy, to go along with an unkempt beard. Here’s what Park had to say about it.

“Quarantined Thor? Old Man Thor? No, this is actually the most extreme concept version I came up with on how scruffy our Lord of Thunder could look like in Thor: Ragnarok. Taika Waititi wanted a different & road-worn looking Thor that hasn’t groomed himself in some time. I knew it was too far but that’s what you gotta do in concept art- give the director & producers the range of options so they could feel confident in the direction they choose. Sometimes they surprise you & pick the one you thought was ‘too far.’ Thank God they didn’t pick this one.”

Once Thor lands on Sakaar in Thor: Ragnarok. He is captured by Grandmaster and given a dramatic haircut in a pretty memorable Stan Lee cameo. That is ultimately what Taika Waititi went with, which was carried over into Avengers: Infinity War. In another post, Andy Park shared something on the other end of the spectrum, which shows us what Thor would have looked like much closer to bald.

“And here’s the other extreme end of the spectrum! This is a haircut I did during preproduction of Thor: Ragnarok if Stan Lee went even crazier with those gnarly blades of his.”

These are revealing little windows into the pre-production process that shows us just how different things could have been. It is quite common for huge movies such as this to have alternate character and set designs drawn up ahead of filming. That leads to a treasure trove of unused art that, in this case, has made it out into the world.

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