Love Battle 2019 Review: Explore Perennial Question ‘How deep is your love?’

Tan is an insurance actuary who has calculated even the survival probability of romantic relationships. He comes up with a new insurance policy called “Love Insurance”, after being hurt and betrayed by his girlfriend. It is an insurance that guarantees policyholders a 100 per cent return of the payment with 30 per cent interest, if they don’t break up within two years of signing the contract. The policy received lots of attention when launched, but company board members challenge Tan to prove his theory. Jeed, a former matchmaker who was transferred under Tan, joins him in collecting the data, but she is a woman who believes that love cannot be measured, holding a complete opposite view from Tan. As they take off on their journey to figure out whether policyholders will break up or not, their battle of pride begins.

Movie Info

Director: Wirat Hengkongdee

Cast: Prama Imanotai Esther Supreeleela Prakpoom Jongmunwattana Thanavate Siriwattanagul

Release Date: 5 September 2019

Running Time: 130 mins

Country: ThaiLand

Distributor: MM2 Entertainment

Subtitle: English / Chinese

Some Critics Opinion about Love Battle 2019:

Asia One 

How deep is your love? Love Battle explores that perennial question in a light-hearted film that revolves around weighing emotions against rationality. With attractive leads, the makings of a classic romcom and a thoughtful storyline, Love Battle starts and ends on a sweet note but will leave you pondering if love is quantifiable

The Bangkok Insight

Ranked as the second highest Thai movie box office in Bangkok and Chang Mai, Love Battle made a total of 3.58 million baht during the opening weekend.


Based off a Korean script, Love Battle basically remade with original character development for the added dimension in screen play. With dramatisation, director Jo Wirat Hengkongdee made the show complete


Guaranteed 2 hours of fun, with an entertaining love story, that is fun and funny at the sometime, it is a show made for couples. Your partner may see a different perspective on the subject of love.

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