Lethal Panthers 1991 Review: An action movie directed by Godfrey Ho

In a war for gang supremacy, two beautiful female assassins are given the ultimate target – each other.

Lethal Panthers (Nu Sat Thu Xinh Dep) is story about a gang involved in a counterfeiting racket hire two female assassins to wipe out the same target. Later they are assigned to kill each other in order to cover up the evidence… But instead they join forces as they encounter betrayal upon betrayal.

I have watched a few Godfrey Ho movies before, which were all among his notorious cut and paste jobs. So I initially thought that this action movie (phim hanh dong xa hoi den) would be the same. And set out watching carefully to try to keep an eye out for the seams where different films were pieced together. It certainly feels like a cut and paste effort at times, with scenes varying wildly in tone, quality of cinematography, and even soundtrack. At one stage I thought three different films had been pieced together… Until the three female leads all showed their faces within one frame. At this point I accepted that this is not one of his bizarro cut and paste jobs. It is just a wildly uneven film.

Basically this is a action movie (phim hanh dong 2021) that looks like it was made in the 80s, which has a very confusing plot. But really, the plot is beside the point. There is a lot of violent action and several extremely gratuitous sex scenes. Not original or noteworthy in any way. But it is a pretty entertaining piece of garbage. And better than I expected given that it was directed by Godfrey Ho.

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