Jackie Chan Talks About Yang Mi’s Best Action Actress win

The Martial arts movie star ‘Jackie Chan‘ denied allegations of playing favourites when Yang Mi. The star of his newly-produced film, Reset. This Movie won Best Action Actress at the Jackie Chan Action Movie Week. It was held as part of the recently concluded Shanghai International Film Festival.

As reported in Mingpao, the action movie star, who appeared at the promotional event of the said movie in Beijing recently, stated that he was concerned as well after hearing that Yang Mi had won the award for the role in ‘Reset‘— not because she didn’t deserve it, but because he knew people will accuse him of being unfair.

Chan, who was not part of the jury panel, said that he did ask the jury why they picked Yang and not the crowd favourite, Kara Hui, who is synonymous with action and martial arts movies.

“The jury told me that Kara had only a few action scenes in her movie. Most of them were just of her running. While Yang Mi is not an action star, she personally performed all the stunts herself,” he said.

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