Howling Village: Director Takashi Shimizu offers a film inspired by haunted spot

“A female Psychologist approaches to a seemingly abandoned tunnel hoping to find some clues about mysterious deaths happening around her, only to find out there is a sinister place beyond the tunnel and her imagination, named ‘Howling Village'”.

Written and Directed by Takashi Shimizu, best known as the creator of the Japanese Ju-on series and The Grudge franchise. Takashi Shimizu returns this year with Howling Village (Tu Khi Bien Sau), inspired by a Japanese urban legend.

It’s a collaborative writing effort with Daisuke Hosaka who wrote for 2 more films with Takashi Shimizu called Tormented (2011) and The Shock Labyrinth 3D (2009).

“Wanko-gane-ya-nyu-fu-shatter- ♪” which means “There was a village just past the tunnel, and I saw “xx” there …”. What did these words left by a woman just before her death mean? A weird song sang by a strange woman, a missing brother and mysterious recurring deaths.

Kind of weird and disjointed to be honest. But then again, the Ju-on movies weren’t really on the ball with logic. What they were though…is scary. So I have high hopes for this one too!

Suddenly, strange events begin to take place around the clinical psychologist, Kanade Morita.

What every strange event has in common is the spirit spot in the Inunaki Tunnel. .

Before you go off thinking that this is all fake, Inunaki Tunnel really is a real life location. Like Aokigahara (another infamous Japanese haunted spot), the tunnel has been the source of a lot of deaths.

An urban legend even says that there is a nearby village called “Inunaki Village” which is beyond the control of the Japanese government. And that anyone who enters there can never return.

There’s even a game based on Howling Village.

A lot of horror experiences around the village are posted on writing sites and SNS. It is said that Inunaki Village is located beyond the former Inunaki Tunnel. But a dam has been constructed and no trace remains on the map of Japan.

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A combination of talent that is hard to miss out on.

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