Hands Up 2: Track Aduowan Movie Review – Best Funny Chinese Movie about CN-JP war

The film tells the eve of the defeat of the Japanese aggressor army in 1945. The justice forces led by Guo Dashu and the female soldier Xiao Liu and the Japanese army who smuggled precious cultural relics in China were on a freighter called “Addo Maru”. Unfolding the ingenuity and courage to fight…

Track Aduowan is a 2010 Chinese historical comedy film and sequel to Hands Up!. It was directed and written by Feng Xiaoning, and produced by Han Sanping. The film stars Pan Changjiang, Guo Da, and Liu Wei. It based on the Second Sino-Japanese War. It was released in China on September 9, 2010 to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the victory of the Second Sino-Japanese War.

In 1945, the Second World War came to an end, and the Axis Power State had become a strong end, and the defeat was fixed. After being transformed, many Japanese soldiers captured in the war have embarked on a journey back to China, including the villagers in the circle of the ring (Pan Changjiang).

However, even at this dying moment, the greed of imperialism still did not converge. The wheelchair Taijun (Hu Xiaoguang) was discharged from hospital and was personally responsible for directing the battleship Aduo Pill to transport the wounded soldiers back to China. However, Ado Maru also has a secret mission, which is to smuggle cultural relics looted from China.

This secret was learned by Xiao Liu (Liu Xiaowei)’s father, an old cultural relic expert, who holds a list of all cultural relics and is therefore being chased by the Japanese. On the dying day, the old professor handed the Coke bottle with the list to Guo Dashu (Guo Dazhe) who served as the liaison. Investigating the conspiracy of the Japanese, the Eighth Route Army and the forces in Chongqing all acted.

Director Feng Xiaoning’s newest project, “Hands up 2” (“Ju Qi Shou Lai 2”), starring Pan Changjiang, Guo Da and Liu Xiaowei, opened the show at the 2010 Beijing Film Festival for Youth Welfare, which began on August 18 in Beijing.

“I was shocked to see the news of Feng Xiaoning’s new work. Judging from the shape of the Pan Changjiang in the work photos put in the picture, it is obvious that this film is something like Feng’s sequel to the degenerate masterpiece “Hands Up”. It seems that our Feng guide is really ironic, ready to go further and further on this narrow one-way street. Feng Xiaoning started from the war film, the early “War of the War..”

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