“Goosebumps 2”: The film is colorful in Halloween season but also full of new and interesting

After the successful first three years ago, the movie Midnight Story 2 (Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween) returns with other scary monsters.

If comparing Goosebumps 2 with the previous section, the content of this section seems to be much worse. This brand will probably disappoint some fans this time for the content depth. But for those who have not watched part one, the movie Story at midnight 2 will be consider to be okay for the audience to be entertain. Especially hungry for those who like the fairy and the dream.

Midnight Story 2: Haunted Halloween is set in Halloween. But the film is not strong enough to bring horror and horror to the audience and the characters in the film. Throughout the movie, viewers are allow to watch a movie with very simple content. That not unexpect situations, no stressful situations that make viewers nervous because of anxiety. without any climax and knots.

The way to build the situations does not create an appeal for the audience.

Slappy’s disruptive process takes place in just a few moments, the way to solve this problem is done too simply…. More importantly. The film does not bring any message to the audience, just suitable for entertainment. Therefore, after walking out of the screening room, half of the audience could not remember the plot of the movie.

Although the script is simple, it is fortunate because the film still has humorous situations. That enough to make the audience less bored when watching the movie. But unfortunately there are not many funny elements to be exploit, so maybe this movie is really only suitable for people under the age of 16.

Midnight Story 2: Haunted Halloween is probably only suitable for watching movie entertainment. As for the content of the film is not really appreciated.

The actors were cast in the movie Midnight 2: Halloween.

The devil is relatively good. But because the plot is a bit shallow, few characters become more special so the actors can not promote all my strengths.

Sonny is play by Jeremy Ray Taylor, the leading IT movie is a fat guy with a passion for scientific research. Caleel Harris’s Sam is responsible for bringing laughter to the whole film. And Madison Iseman is a sister full of personality and responsibility.

The Slappy wood puppet also loses its inherent sophistication, perversion and intimidation. For more than an hour the audience only saw Slappy laughing as main. Even there are unnecessary scenes that Slappy still laugh in a way full of annoyance.

Techniques and images of the movie

Midnight Story 2: Halloween demon is pretty good post-processing should make the audience satisfied. The characters in the film are all handle with graphics. That from Slappy wooden puppets, witches without faces, giant spiders to drinking glasses … The image is meticulously elaborated to every detail so the “monster army” appears very scary but also extremely true. This is probably the biggest advantage of this movie.

The sound of the movie is also appreciated by the audience. Because the sounds in the movie appear extremely realistic. Many viewers will be startl constantly by the noise combin with the image on the projector screen. That make the film becomes even more attractive.

The villain character – Slappy – return with more acting space than the previous installment.

This is the “most spoile child” of the writer R. L. Stine when always seeking ways against his father. Which is love by the cunning, in this part Slappy maximize the personality. He scare the audience by the scary eyes and the vicious voice. The character is voice by Mick Wingert. He is a famous voice actor and trainer who has starred in films like Kung Fu Panda, Mass Effect 2, Murdered: Soul Suspect, The Technomancer and The Princess and the Frog.

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween does a good job of a thrilling, exploring adventure. The family combines these elements effectively and gracefully. The audience had the opportunity to meet horror icons like Witches, Pumpkin Face Devil, Headless Riders, Snowmen, Zombies, Giant Monsters …

With older audiences, works reminiscent of characters who use to haunt childhood. For younger viewers, the movie has some creepy jump-scare scenes and a lively and engaging CGI part. In the spooky army, the bear-shape gummies (The Gummy Bears) are an interesting creation of the production crew that turns this addictive dish into adorable but scary monsters.


Rating: PG (for scary creature action and images, some thematic elements, rude humor and language)
Genre: Comedy, Horror, Kids & Family
Directed By: Ari Sandel
Stars: Wendi McLendon-Covey, Madison Iseman, Jeremy Ray Taylor
Written By: Rob Lieber
In Theaters: Oct 12, 2018 Wide
On Disc/Streaming: Jan 15, 2019
Runtime: 100 minutes
Studio: Columbia Pictures

Jake Wilson
This lacklustre sequel to the 2015 hit Goosebumps hardly has enough jokes to qualify as a comedy, which leaves it stranded in the netherworld of near-horror, aimed at children supposedly not yet ready for the real thing.

Kevin Maher
It’s pointless and bland. Like a bargain-basement Jumanji. The Z-list cast struggle.

Mike McCahill
Yielding fewer jolts and giggles than its predecessor, the results play more like functionally programmed babysitting software than any work of the imagination.

Katie Walsh
This is a kid-friendly monster mash, but it’s truly no graveyard smash.

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