Fist of Unicorn Review: Each fight is appropriate for the reason behind the fight

Unicorn travels to a village troubled by gangsters in search of revenge for the murder of his parents years before. The task is made more complicated when he befriends a middle-aged woman and her son who begin to admire and depend on him.

The title of the movie is Fist of Unicorn (Ky Lan Chuong) or better “Unicorn Palm” as on the copy I have. This movie never had anything to do with Bruce Lee and Bruce Lee had nothing to do with it and certainly is not in it. How the movie came to be associated with Bruce Lee (Ly Tieu Long) no one knows the truth and no one needs to know.

There is no association is the truth. So just watch the movie and enjoy it. It is as good as any and better than most martial arts movies (phim vo thuat xua) made in 1973. There is a story in between the fights. The characters have at least the one required dimension and sometimes more.

The fights are good. Each fight is appropriate for the reason behind the fight. There is a genuine effort for realism and minimal wires and trampolines. The lead Little Unicorn is not leading man material but he is an excellent stunt man. You get to see the real deal – Wang In Shik – in one of his few roles. He is still teaching hapkido today. Mars has a role and Jackie Chan is there but don’t blink or you will miss him. Definitely worth two beers and 90 minutes of your valuable ass scratching time.

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