Fatal Contact Review: An Wu Jing’s impressive martial arts movie in 2000s

Contemporary martial arts action film produced, written and directed by Dennis Law, featuring the national Chinese sport of kickboxing, Sanshou or Sanda.

Wu Jing (Ngo Kinh), often credited as Jacky Wu, stars as “Kong Ko”, a martial arts champion. In real-life, Wu Jing is a former member of the famous Beijing Wushu Team, and multiple Chinese Wushu Champion.

Miki Yeung, a Cantopop star and actress plays “Siu Tin”. A fellow member of her band “Cookies”, So Theresa Fu joins her as Chui Chi.

Another Cantopop singer and actor, Ronald Cheng, plays “Captain Chan Shing”, who befriends Kong Ko.

Actor Cheung Siu-fai, (“Mr So” in Johnnie To’s “Election”), stars as Ma Ho-keung, who arranges Kong Ko’s fights.

Jackie Chan’s former bodyguard and stunt team member, Ken Lo, plays a pimped-up gangster and gambler, Chan Sun.

Yu Gu plays Chan Sun’s gambling rival, Fai.

Regular Hong Kong action supporting stars Andy On, Xing Yu and Timmy Hung play Kong Ko’s opponents.

Set in modern-day Hong Kong, Kong Ko is a gifted Chinese wushu champion earning a living performing martial arts (phim hanh dong vo thuat) for a Peking Opera company. Ma Ho-Keung and his henchmen see his performance and identify Kong Ko as a potential competitor for their illegal underground full contact fights. Kong initially declines their offer. But frustrated with not having much money, the pretty Siu Tin persuades Kong to give it a go. Kong beats his first opponent in spectacular fashion. Gangster Ma Ho-keung, is suitably impressed and arranges for Kong to be looked after by street hustler Captain Chan Shing, whilst he arranges for a more lucrative fight.

Wealthy gangster and gambler Fai sees Kong fighting and offers a big money match against his rival Chan Sun’s fighters. So Kong easily defeats two of Chan Sun’s best fighters. Humiliated, Chan Sun challenges Fai to a $10 million three-on-three street fight.

In a brutal contest, Chan Sun’s men fight dirty, forcing Kong to become equally as vicious to defeat them. Captain helps Kong recover from his injuries and prepare for his next fight, believing he lacks the “killer instinct” to beat the best – and nastiest – fighters. In his next fight, Kong shows no mercy when he takes on and defeats a K1 champion in a big money contest.

With Kong establishing himself as the best fighter on the circuit. So Fai decides to fix a fight to clean up at the bookmakers. Believing Siu Tin to be in danger, Kong must decide whether to stay true to himself, or throw the fight. Fatal Contact (Hac Quyen) is a Wu Jing’s impressive action movie in 2006.

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