Dragon on Fire 1978 Review: Random fights and Bruceploitation, Awesome

John Liu, the legendary Northern Kick expert is sent to investigate an antiques smuggling gang working out of Canton.

This is another movie I found on a ‘Master of Martial Arts’ four-in-one DVDs. If the producer of these DVDs is reading: I love you.

Not literally of course.

With Bolo Yeung, evil white guys. And a Bruce Lei imitator (Dragon Lee in this case), ‘Dragon On Fire’ could be any one of nearly half of all the movies made in Hong Kong made in the 1970s. You just need to mix up the plot a bit, change the characters names and fighting style, and voilà! You have nearly every kung-fu movie made in the 70s.

Dragon on Fire (Khoai Quyen Quai Chieu) follows the evil exploits of some evil white guys smuggling antiquities out of China. These evil white guys hire Phillip Kao and John Liu to be their evil muscle as Tino Wong and Dragon Lee try to stop them, but Tino and John are the last descendants of Stone Rock fist, and must stand united against the evil white guys.

So basically this is one long fight scene. Characters meet, and then have at each other. Awesome. Add in Dragon Lee pretending to be Bruce Lee at any opportunity, and you have the martial art movie (phim Hong Kong vo thuat xua) in a nutshell: Random fights and Bruceploitation. Awesome.

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