Double Tap Review: This well-made action thriller suffers from a poor finish and an overwrought plot

This well-made action thriller suffers from a poor finish and an overwrought plot. But the whole package manages to be entertaining if not entirely memorable. Leslie Cheung is Rick, an introvert gun expert who runs a firing range and is a renowned shooting champ. He’s so proficient that he has mastered the “double tap”. The art of shooting twice in exactly the same spot to better maximize your marksmanship.

Rick matches guns with top cop Miu (Alex Fong) for top honors at a shooting contest. But the match is disturbed by your standard depressed day trader. Given the difficult situation (the psycho is Miu’s friend), Rick is forced to kill – and Rick discovers that he likes it. Fast-forward to the future and some brutal hits involving the double tap (Thien Xa) technique have surfaced. Naturally that leaves only a few candidates, and Rick is at the top of the list.

It seems that the time between Rick’s first kill and the present has been enough to drive Rick over the deep end. And that motivation and outcome remains the single most interesting thing about the movie. Leslie Cheung (Truong Quoc Vinh) ardently overacts (as is his gift and curse) but does well with the material. Alex Fong is solid as always, but the waffling of his character proves frustrating.

There are times where it seems the film (phim hanh dong 2021) is about to reach a new level of intensity – and then the filmmakers back down. Added annoyance is provided by Monica Chan as Alex’s wife, who manages to dispense Yoda-like wisdom at every turn. However, Ruby Wong is quite good as Rick’s tortured girlfriend, and the production values and action direction are excellent. For commercial thrills, this movie is a suitable fix.

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