Dolph Lundgren is back having fun in the horror-comedy ‘Don’t Kill It’

Dolph Lundgren is best known for his action films and he’s one of my all time favorite action stars, but Dolph has made a couple of films within the horror genre, but don’t expect the traditional horror film Don’t Kill It” (Other name: THO SAN QUY) as they play more up to action film conventions, but have enough elements to also fall into the horror genre. Before getting into the horror films of Dolph Lundgren here’s some facts about him.

He was born in Sweden and can speak fluently in both Swedish and English. Dolph can also speak parts of 5 other languages but not fluently. He was a member of the Swedish Olympic team in the 90s. Dolph’s a highly trained martial artist and he has a 160 IQ. Yes folks that’s genius level. He has a degree in chemical engineering. So not only can Dolph kick your ass in a fight, he can also beat you in the classroom.

Dolph’s first film that could fall into the horror genre is the 1990 film I Come in Peace, which is also known as Dark Angel and is out on blu-ray from Scream Factory. I Come in Peace mixes sci-fi, comedy, action and horror. It’s my personal favorite Dolph Lundgren film (my favorite film he’s in would be Rocky IV). Little bit of trivia. Early in the film a guy attempting to rob a store charges at Dolph and is promptly met with a spin kick. The actor overran his mark and actually got kicked by Dolph and was knocked out cold.

Dolph’s next horror of sorts film wouldn’t come until 2013 with Battle of the Damned

Which has an Asian city overrun with zombies (theres a funny scene where one argues they’re infected and aren’t zombies). This film like I Come in Peace also plays more up to action conventions. It’s out on blu-ray from Anchor Bay. It draws a lot of subpar reviews but Battle of the Damned isn’t meant to be Night of the Living Dead or 28 Days Later. It’s simply meant to be fun and IMO very much succeeds. It has Dolph plus zombies (or infected) and even robots in a bizarre plot point.

Lastly, Don’t Kill It, which also stars Kristina Klebe (Linda in Zombie’s Halloween). Which is also out on blu (though can’t remember by who. I wanna say Sony). Don’t Kill It is about a demon that enters the body of a person and if you kill it, the demon will enter your body hence the title Don’t Kill It. This film is insanely fun. It gets off to a gory start than the next big gore scene is midway through which has people losing limbs, parts of their face and every time Dolph is about to capture the demon someone kills it. This scene is not only crazy gory, but funny. Next big gore scene would be the final act. There’s some minor pace issues despite the brief running time, but it’s a really fun film with a hysterical performance from Dolph.

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