‘Deadtectives’ review: A Horror Comedy With An Entertaining Spirit

The fiml ‘Deadtectives’ follows a team of hapless paranormal investigators on a reality TV series who go on a quest to Mexico’s most haunted house in the pursuit of better ratings.

However, when the true dark secrets of the mansion begin to reveal themselves. The hapless presenters quickly discover that this house is no hoax. So, with zero ghost-hunting skills (or really any other applicable skills) the team has to figure out how to bust the ghosts and escape the house with their lives.

Deadtectives is the sort of quirky horror comedy that is only going to appeal to those with a specific taste, but with endearing characters and a clever script, so this film is the sort of afternoon watch made for when you want to sit back and enjoy some supernatural, oddball antics.

DeadTectives is a solid horror comedy that is a perfect watch for fans of ghost hunting reality shows, Scooby DooGhostbusters, and genuinely just any viewer looking for strong belly laughs in a common premise with a unique spin. With this film, Shudder continues to bring amazing horror content that shows the diversity of subgenre types that expands what people think about when they think about the horror genre.

Movie Info

Genre:Comedy, Horror

Director: Tony West

Starring: Chris Geere, Tina Ivlev, David Newman, Martha Higareda, José María de Tavira

Run Time: 92mins

What are the Critics saying about Deadtectives:

Andrew Wyatt (The Lens)

Tony West’s irksome film proves that over-the-top occult silliness is no substitute for proficient filmmaking.

Rob Aldam (Backseat Mafia)

DeadTectives is an unholy riot of paranormal high jinks and mystical mayhem.

Meredith Borders (Bloody Disgusting)

Deadtectives offers a groovy, free-wheeling energy that dips back and forth between scary and funny with shocking ease.

Terry Mesnard (Gayly Dreadful)

Deadtectives is a hoot. It’s a horror comedy that rarely misses its mark.

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