Dating to Kill: An Action Thriller Movie From Danny Buday

Jessica, a single mother, has a warm relationship with her 18-year-old daughter. Until Tessa starts dating an older man against mom’s wishes.

The crisis becomes lethal when Jessica realizes the older man is someone who attacked her when she was in college — and he’s now back for revenge!

Danny Buday is a film and TV director, writer and producer. Danny recently directed the romantic comedy Country Christmas Album (2018) for Ion Television and MarVista Entertainment, as well as back-to-back thriller feature films Seduced By A Killer (2018) and The Ex Next Door (2019) for Lifetime Movie Network and Dating to Kill (Ke Doi Mang).

No cookie-cutter acting here. The actors breathe real life into their roles and leave you with a convincing and believable thriller. Quality of Writing: Good strong story line with engaging characters and a believable plot. The mom is amazingly patient with her daughter when she stops listening to reason and surfs on her emotions instead. An early scene is sad, but thankfully there’s a satisfactory closure to it later on.

Scare Factor in Dating to Kill:: The opening hook is scary as a man grabs a young woman and she screams. A man is physically and verbally threatening to women. David Fumero, who plays the villain, performs his role quite effectively; he leers, he whispers invasively–his mere presence is threatening. Content (sex, language & violence): No sex, though one scene shows a man’s unbuttoned shirt; the daughter stays out late, so an intimate relationship is suggested. No language. Moderate violence in opening and ending scenes as well as a few scenes throughout. Values & Themes: Mom & Daughter relationship is solidly developed.

If you are a mother, you will especially appreciate this dynamic and how very real their closeness and then later tension is. Themes: Looking out for a child’s well-being, protecting the family, compassion for the loss of someone. One of the better Lifetime thrillers with a mom & daughter team you root for and an incredible twist that proves to be both logical and credible.

Movie Info

Dating to Kill (phim hanh dong) story about: Single mother Jessica seems to have a warm relationship with her 18 year old daughter Tessa, until Tessa begins dating an older man who’s revealed to have a deadly history with her mother.

Director: Danny Buday
Stars: Clare Kramer, Mia Topalian, David Fumero

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