Crystal Fortune Run 1994: A Hong Kong Science Fiction-Thriller Starring Sharla Cheung and Simon Yam

Someone, has been killing members of the Tung Tik Group, a very successful crime family. The killer isn’t just some Ordinary Joe off the street, either. But someone with a right hand powerful enough to smash heads and stone. Booze swilling, embittered Officer Kwong (Simon Yam- Man Wanted, Bullet in the Head, Dr. Lamb) is instantly reminded of the mysterious woman who years prior he had seen assassinate the leader of Tung Tik Group and her image has haunted him since.

Meanwhile, the lovelorn and airheaded Ko Kit (Anita Yuen- Last Hero in China, Chinese Feast, From Beijing with Love ) and her gang of professional thieves organize their own slight on the Tung Tik Group by setting out to steal the precious Emperor Diamond from the Tung Tik headquarters. This diamond is the supposed key to a hidden fortune worth half the money in the world. But, their robbery is nearly foiled by the appearance of the lovely, robot handed Wind (Cheung Man or Truong Man), who also wants the diamond.

Ko Kit escapes wiht the diamond, It isn’t very long before everyone is hot on her tail- Officer Kwong with arrest warrants. Wind lurking in the shadows, and Tung Tik Group sending out an assassin. Ko Kit tires to brace the Group for $700 million in exchange for the diamond, but the deal goes quite wrong, with everyone converging on the scene, Wind, Officer Kwong, and the Tung Tik’s motorcycle riding assassins. Officer Kwong escapes with the pair of lovelies, and back at police headquarters, they interrogate Ko Kit for the whereabouts of the diamond and Wind for the motivation behind her assassinating Tung Tik members.

However, the Tung Tik Group just marches into the police station. Terminator style, and takes one of Ko Kit’s criminal cohorts hostage in exchange for the diamond. Will the strange triangle of Officer Kwong, Wind, and Ko Kit be able to take the evil crime family down? You’ll find the answer in a iron factory shoot-out, with Ko Kit trying to rescue her friend. Wind seeking revenge, and Officer Kwong sitting somewhere in the middle.

An obviously b-movie, direct to video action adventure, nothing quite pans out in terms of action or story. Crystal Fortune Run (Bao Phong Nhan), appears to be one of those quickly filmed affairs most of the actors probably made in their down time between more important films. Though in prolific b-exploitation actor Simon Yam’s case. It was probably one of four movies he was making that particular month.

Director Lee Kin Sang has a resume rife with working on forgettable stuff like Shanghai 1920, Malevolent Male, Fait Accompli. Here you get the same old clichés mined to death in countless movies. The hard drinking cop, the bubbly, wacky girl, the carbon copy bad guys. And the superpowered, robot-armed, orphan assassin. Most of the action set pieces are your usual John Woo-ish gunplay and some James Bond gadgetry here and there. But nothing really jaw dropping or slick. In other words, it wants to be Mission Impossible: The Movie. But ends up looking like Mission Impossible: the TV Show.

Sure, it does have that HK charm to it, the grab bag of styles and lack of logic. HK action purists with their DVD Shelves crammed with films, or maybe some of you Simon Yam (Nham Dat Hoa) completists (you know you’re out there) may want to pick this one up, but anyone looking for more high quality productions had best stay away. It is probably an entertaining enough late night affair. Maybe a nice double feature with Wonder Seven. But really nothing so spectacular or unique that its going to make any top ten lists.

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