Crank 2006 Review: Jason Statham is a professional contract killer

Chev Chelios is a professional contract killer for the West Coast Crime Syndicate. And is one of my favourite Stath characters. When he is poisoned by a rival Ricky Verona he will stop at nothing to find an antidote and find the man responsible. What ensues is essentially a video game come to life with insane action scenes. Lots of public shagging and over the top set-pieces.

It has a Hard R rating and managed to feel like something we hadn’t seen before; it was just insane with crazy camera work and editing. Cementing Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor as the next great action directors.

The sequel Crank: High Voltage is widely regarded as inferior to the first movie. But I love it because it’s even wackier than the original. This time you have even more public shagging and a Godzilla-style fight scene between Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) and a goon.

Both of the Crank (Ke Lap Di) movies have crazy humour and you have to have a strong stomach to properly enjoy them. Thankfully I do, so I just have a blast.

So which is my favourite franchise? It’s a tough one because I adore them both. The Transporter helped to keep old school action alive, albeit with a family friendly PG-13 rating, but Crank (phim hanh dong my) created something truly unique with a crazy story and even crazier action. This review comes from

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