Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe Review: Well shot and perfect for a big screen viewing

Directed and co-written by Lu Chuan. “Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe” is a new fantasy, adventure film offering all sorts of FX-driven experiences. This fine film has made its way to a very visually rich product. That can now be enjoy to its full extent.

The fantasy, adventure film (phim than thoai) begins on a historical note before taking us directly into a fossil mining expedition that uncovers the remains of an unknown creature. Shortly after a mysterious explosion takes out much of the team.

This is where we start to head into a combination of Indiana Jones meets the fantastical as the team makes their way thru icy caverns, rich landscapes. And even descending over edges that should otherwise have ended things upon fall.

Though it is some of the strange beasts that bring elements of Star War’s “like injections” into the mix quickly introducing us to a giant beast and abstract creatures called “fire bats”.

A cyclopean Temple called the “Demon Pagoda” is found at the mountain’s center described as the mythology source directly related to a collection of spirits called “the ghostly tribe”. The temple is additionally revealed to be the prime focus of Professor Yang’s quest. Some dazzling FXwork takes over which awakens ancient demons from an inter dimensional portal.

Midway thru the film the story breaks off into a whole new segment. That takes the gang into a place called “Oil Town”. Oil town while appearing to be abandoned is soon revealed to be infested with werewolf-like creatures called “Red Howlers”. The threat proves to be a massive showdown like no other as the gang takes on these highly viscous and violent creatures.

Now I will say that this film may take a couple viewings to better connect some of the storyline specifics. The central characters here are Professor Yang (Wang Qingxiang). His daughter Ping (Yao Chen) and Hu Bayi (Mark Chao or Trieu Huu Dinh).

Hu Bayi, a soldier assigned to the mission. Soon falls for Yang Ping as the film’s prime love interest. While additionally narrating the story. Hu and the group come across all sorts of relics, bizarre creatures and strange environmental situations.

“Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe (Ma Thoi Den: Chin Tang Thap Quy) found great success in its initial China. The draw doesn’t surprise me as more and more greatly entertaining high production pieces make their way onto the big screens.

Fans of fantasy cinema would greatly benefit from this and like recent releases. That highly exceed in visual imagery. Complex plots and inventive fantastical creative injections. So it’s not uncommon to see many of these films featuring new CGI creatures. That combine mythology, history and science fiction into their general designs making for a unique experience.

“Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe” is an adaptation of the novel “Ghost Blows Out the Light” by Tianxia Bachang’. The film has well shot, and perfect for a big screen viewing. While viewers may of may not adapt instantly to the cultural aspects. Its still a cool adventure film none the less.

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