Star Trek Beyond Poster 2

Star Trek Beyond (2016) Movie Review

Thou’ must ruin a good thing and that’s for sure. After two stupendous movies where Chris Pine & Zachary Quinto literally flipped the entire Star Trek fan base for doubting them as Kirk & Spock, it has all come crashing down in the end. Money can’t buy class and this movie highlights that. How else…

Suicide Squad Poster 2

Suicide Squad (2016) Movie Review

First of all…STOP DISHING AGAINST DC!! Agreed that MOST of their early movies only bring a tear to the eye and that too not the happy kinds. Val Kilmer as Batman compared to Nolan’s Batman now looks more like a leather strapped, Vicodin induced creep wearing a flying cape. But don’t forget, we are only…


I.T: Trailer

I.T. is a forthcoming thriller film directed by John Moore and written by Dan Kay and William Wisher. It stars Pierce Brosnan, Stefanie Scott, Anna Friel, James Frecheville and Michael Nyqvist, and is produced by David T. Friendly and Beau St. Clair. The film will release on 23rd September this year.