10 Path-Breaking Marathi Films of this Decade (So Far)!

A list of path-breaking Marathi films of this decade.


Rajinikanth on a High

Disclaimer- Well, let me tell you very clearly, I am an atheist and hence i can’t call myself a Rajni fan. Also, I am my own boss, so it won’t be proper if I called somebody else Thalaivar. I love Thalapathi, not because it is a Rajni film, but because it is a Santosh Sivan and Mani Ratnam…

GAME OF THRONES- Season 6: An Essay

CONTAINS SPOILERS It is not often that an episode on TV fills you with such unadulterated joy that you want to revisit the same to truly believe the magic of what you have just seen or savour each moment of what you had watched with sheer anticipation in the first go. It is almost unequivocally…