Buddhist Fist and Tiger Claws Review: Over average for the martial art movie

A woman has half of a map that will lead her to a treasure trove of gold ingots that she and and her brother want to deliver to the Korean Independence Army. However, several other factions are searching for the gold and all are experts at deadly forms of martial arts.

First of all there’s no fantasy here just contemporary action crime (phim Hong Kong Vo Thuat xua). The good – Hwang Jang-Lee. He is out of make-up as the typical white eyebrows villain and plays the hero. The bad – by hero I mean slightly less a total butt-head than the other characters. The good – a Korean chick strips down. The bad – all you see are her knees. The bad – totally “make it up as we go” plot about a map you’ll quickly grow tired of hearing about.

The good – Buddhist Fist and Tiger Claws (Ngan Ho Ung Trao Cong) is only about 80 minutes long. The good – they spent most of the budget on wardrobe.

The bad – they spent it on 1970’s men’s suits.

The incomprehensible – lines like “I wish we were rich enough that we didn’t need money”. And “I’m buying a hospital with my share of the gold”. The incomprehensible – the boss sends a lame guy to follow a girl.

The incomprehensible – the fights are really good yet there are so few.

The good – your fast forward button.

Overall, Over average for the genre.

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