‘Avatar 2’ Crew Go Into 14-Day New Zealand Quarantine Before Shooting Resumes

Productions around the world have been delayed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. But ironically it is the long-awaited Avatar 2 that is staying right on schedule. Director James Cameron and producer Jon Landau lived up to their promises that Avatar 2 would be resuming production down in New Zealand this week. With the pair landing in the country. And entering the 14-day mandated quarantine. Shooting resumes for real once Cameron. And his crew emerge from quarantine.

Variety reports that Cameron and Landau arrived in Wellington, New Zealand on Sunday morning. And wasted no time entering the country’s mandated 14-day quarantine so that filming of the long-awaited Avatar sequel could resume as soon as possible. Cameron and Landau were two of 54 passengers were on board a chartered Air New Zealand plane. Departing Friday night from LAX. And flying for nearly 13 hours direct from Los Angeles to Wellington.

On Instagram post on Sunday, Landau announced that he and Cameron had arrived in New Zealand. And would enter the government supervised quarantine.

“Made it to New Zealand. Our 14-day government supervised self-isolation now begins,” Landau said.

Production on the four Avatar sequels. Which were shooting back-to-back in New Zealand, was put on pause in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, while the country closed its borders. Though borders are officially still close in New Zealand,. Cameron,. Landau and foreign crew elements used a border exemption clause for foreigners considered of “significant economic value”. The film industry has been a huge boon for New Zealand’s economy since The Lord of the Rings series brought attention to the country. And the Avatar sequels, which employs the New Zealand-based WETA Digital for its, has kept business going.

So the effects budget could be reach to $1 billion.

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