Animation movie – Incredibles 2: Being parents, this heroic act

Fourteen years after their first adventure, Mr Indestructible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash and Baby Jack-Jack are back on screen in Incredibles 2 of Brad Bird.

Metro spoke with Brad Bird, the director of the first opus and Ratatouille in particular, about this much-awaited sequel.

What were the main challenges encountered in the making of this film?

Just having to create a sequel to one of the most popular movies in Disney and Pixar’s history was a challenge in itself. We wondered how it was possible to make a family film both funny and surprising.

Have you feared that this new film will distort the original story?

Of course. Expectations are enormous and we have no answer to everything. It’s a lot more complex than it sounds. This is a new scenario in which the characters have to face new situations. In fact, I probably worked more for this film than for any other. I rejected many things that did not go in the direction of the main idea of ​​the film. I cut a lot of scenes that were excellent but had no place.

s there a better superhero movie? Since its release in 2004, The Incredibles has durably marked the collective imagination. If its director, Brad Bird, has since staged the highly successful Ratatouille, Mission: Impossible 4 and Tomorrowland, his fans were waiting impatiently for one thing: that he turn the following adventures of Mr. Indestructible, Elastigirl, Violet, Arrow and Jack-Jack.

It’s done now.

The plot begins a few seconds after the end of the first movie, with a fight between the Parr family and the Demolisher. Once past this thunderous opening sequence, The Incredibles 2 chooses to explore the consequences of the actions of superheroes on society and the relevance of this kind of character in the world today.

If superheroes are considered illegal in the world of the Incredibles, it is up to Helen Parr alias Elastigirl to restore their coat of arms. Meanwhile, Bob, says Mr. Indestructible, cares for their children and especially their son Jack-Jack, who begins to discover his (multiple) powers … The Parr family is put to a severe test. Present at the Annecy Festival with her two producers Nicole Paradis Grindle and John Walker, Brad Bird has agreed to comment for BFMTV five scenes of his new film.

The action of this number 2 begins very soon after the end of No. 1.

Superheroes still do not have the rating, and the Parr family suffers from this unpopularity. That’s when a billionaire decides to become their patron … Las! Instead of choosing Bob, the dad, he sets his sights on Helen, the mother, to accomplish a perilous mission. While this one goes on his motorcycle in his outfit of ElastiGirl, Bob finds himself father at home, and he is unfortunately not at all cut for this role …

After a detour through the making of live action movies (“Mission Impossible” with Tom Cruise, “Tomorrowland” with George Clooney), Brad Bird, director of “Iron Giant“, “Ratatouille” and the first “Indestructible” is income at Pixar. It has lost none of its mastery – this “Indestructible 2” is beautifully animated – but its inspiration is uneven. If the starting point of this sequel is not sparing, the scenario runs out of steam over the length, with characters of villains a little bland. But above all, humor in the second degree and the ironic look at the mythology of superheroes who made all the flavor and originality of the number 1 here seem to have vanished in favor of a more consensual comedy.

But if this suite may disappoint the fans of Pixar early, it is an excellent commercial operation: the film has had a dazzling start to the US box office.

For ages, four old friends meet every month around a book club.

One day, one of them proposes to dive into “Fifty shades of Gray“. The reading of the bestseller will awaken in these middle-aged women unsuspected desires …

The Book Club” has two merits. First, talk about a taboo subject in Hollywood cinema today, namely, sexuality in the third age. Second, bring together a quartet of legendary stars: Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen and Mary Steenburgen. It’s not nothing. But does that make “The Book Club” great cinema? No, it looks more like a nice sitcom, a “vermilion” version of “Sex and the city“, than cinema. As much as knowing it …

The Graham family is in mourning: the grandmother has just died. His daughter Annie (Toni Collette) tries to stay the course, but insidiously, the family atmosphere will be disrupted, as if this death had awakened a curse lurking in the shadows …

Hereditary” has made the buzz in the United States, some critics do not hesitate to see in this horror film the equivalent of “The Exorcist” for the 2000s … Maybe it is pushing the cap a Near. Admittedly, the young filmmaker Ari Aster has a real talent for creating an unhealthy and disturbing atmosphere, and his casting is impeccable – the young Milly Shapiro is a strange revelation – but the screenplay of “Hereditary” pours into a more and more opaque esotericism , and the outcome of the film looks like a sleight of hand that leaves the viewer hungry.


Rating: PG (for action sequences and some brief mild language)

Genre: Action & Adventure, Animation, Kids & Family

Directed By: Brad Bird

Stars: Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell

Written By: Brad Bird

In Theaters: Jun 15, 2018 Wide

Runtime: 118 minutes

Studio: Disney/Pixar

Matthew Norman
Brad Bird not only directs with the same assured inventiveness he brought to The Incredibles (and Ratatouille, and The Iron Giant), but has written a script every bit as smart, witty and touching as the first.

Kevin Maher
The result is hugely entertaining and often visually audacious…yet it doesn’t quite pack the emotional wallop of the original.

Andrea Thompson
Incredibles 2 regresses to a time when any power women managed to acquire was carefully controlled so as not constitute a threat to the male order. Such nostalgia is self-defeating.

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