Accident Review: A psychological thriller but it isn’t quite thrilling enough

The Brain and his cohorts Fatty, Woman, and Uncle are hired assassins that kill people by staging accidents. When one of the assignments goes wrong. Fatty is killed and The Brain is left wondering if the incident was all set up to look as an accident. The Brain (Louis Koo) is a lonely man with a recently deceased wife, that gets paranoid about who is out to kill him. He may have been betrayed by one of his own people, or it could possibly be the insurance inspector that is the mastermind behind the incident that killed Fatty and almost took his life.

The concept of Accident (Am Sat) is pretty cool, perfect for a psychological thriller. The first act of the film. Even though it’s a slow burn still keeps you intrigued with the workings of how the team works as an accident assassination unit. The set ups are based more in reality, than say something ultra technical like in a mission impossible film. Instead of all kinds of mechanical contraptions, they use real life objects such as balloons, mirrors, and breaking glass. All of that was pretty cool except one kill in particular relied heavily on guessing how someone would react to a situation. And relied on someone being somewhere are an exact moment. In other words it was pretty far fetched.

Somewhere about the midpoint of film after Fatty is killed in a set up gone wrong. The Brain suspects someone is trying to kill him. Thats when the movie turns to a different direction. The movie doesn’t have a ton of dialogue so a lot of the movie is conveyed by facial reactions and body gestures. Louis Koo (Co Thien Lac) does an awesome job of portraying a paranoid dude that cant afford to trust anyone, including his friends.

At this point a new character. Chan, an insurance agent who sold Brain’s last client a life insurance policy becomes his obsession. At this point, he drops everything and spends every waking moment studying Chan’s every movie. And at this point is when the movie start’s to get really boring. The movie is kind of mundane (realistic) up to this part of the movie. Then it slows to a crawl while you watch Brain spy on Chan through binoculars. Listen to his tapped phone, and other every day normal stuff.

After dealing with one of his team members, which is the coolest scene of the action movie (phim hanh dong hong kong). Brain decides once and for all to set up an accident to kill Chan. Once again it’s another simple but precise timed accident that ends with an anti climatic conclusion. A twist is revealed, but it’s not near as hard hitting as I think they meant it to be. The movie is really well done, with solid acting and direction. But it’s also a little too arty and simplistic for this type of movie. This is one of the few instances where I wouldn’t an American remake by a talented director. That makes it a little more exciting. For Asian crime and thriller fans it’s still probably a solid recommendation.

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