A Perfect Plan Review: A Interesting Romantic French Movie

A Perfect Plan (French: Un plan parfait) with story about a successful woman in love tries to break her family curse of every first marriage ending in divorce, by dashing to the alter with a random stranger before marrying her boyfriend.

Movie Sumary:

To break the family curse one woman hatches the perfect plan for a quick fire marriage.

In Isabelle’s (Diane Kruger) family, every first marriage has ended in divorce. To circumvent her family’s curse Isabelle devises a plan; marry and divorce a complete stranger before wedding her faultless fiancé Pierre. After her initial plan backfires she targets Jean-Yves, an adventurous yet quirky travel writer whom she tries to manipulate with her powers of seduction. A series of misadventures beset them as they take-on Africa and then Moscow in whirlwind succession, breaking Isabelle of her comfortable routine existence. Despite her best efforts to make him fall for her things don’t go to plan and Isabelle experiences the rush of life-on-the edge. Will she discover that love doesn’t always come in the perfect package?

Movie Info:

Rating: NR
Genre: Action & Adventure, Comedy, Romance
Directed By: Pascal Chaumeil
Written By: Laurent Zeitoun, Yoann Gromb
Runtime: 104 minutes
Cast: Dany Boon, Diane Kruger, Alice Pol

What are the Critics saying about ‘Un plan parfait‘?

Kate Muir (Times – UK)

Some French humour still eludes me, and A Perfect Plan is one of those rom-coms that irritates more than amuses.

Peter Bradshaw (Guardian)

None of the obvious plotholes would matter if it was in any way romantic or funny. Oh well.

Sophie Monks Kaufman (Little White Lies)

Diane Kruger’s looks are fetishised in this laboured and soft-headed farce about beauty and a family curse.

Boyd van Hoeij (Variety)

The couple’s chemistry is persuasive, especially in the crucial second half. Chaumeil again demonstrates a keen eye for balancing character and situational comedy against a glamorous backdrop.

Jordan Mintzer (Hollywood Reporter)

Uneven follow-up to Heartbreaker offers a similar pitch but significantly less laughs

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