70 Binladens Review: A Thoughtfully-Constructed And Perfectly Entertaining Movie

In ’70 Binladens’, Emma Surez is Raquel, a desperate woman in need of 35,000 euros (or seventy 500 hundred bills, known on the street as binladens). She is about to get what she needs through a vacation bank loan when two robbers interrupt the transaction, putting her in an impossible situation. Is she the robber or is she the victim? All she knows is that she needs that money, no matter the price.

70 BINLADENS is a thriller that starts with a desperate woman, Raquel (Emma Suarez), trying to get 35,000 € to rescue her daughter from some dangerous men. The only way she can obtain the money is getting a loan from a bank, as it seems she has some properties even though she is unemployed. As the credit is going to be process two robbers (Hugo Silva and Nathalie Poza) break into the bank to get some quick and easy money. But… things will become a little more complicated than expected.

Raquel needs the money to be in her account before the day ends. And some hostages are not what they are thought. Also, a policeman – who is waiting for one of the costumers, now hostage to meet him out of the bank- is shot. And his dead body remains in the middle of the street calling the law enforcement attention. And two experienced detectives come to work the situation out: Eva (Bárbara Goenaga) and Carlos (Bárbara Goenaga).

It is a thrilling movie, full of action and surprises. The thing I like the most is that it is a choral work in which every piece is ensembled perfectly in the whole of the story. The characters are greatly-built and it makes you stay stick to the chair the whole time. Because nothing and nobody are what they seem. Full of plot twists you will reach an unexpected end in which all truth may not be revealed. And as some are being manipulated in fiction we might be so as spectators.

Movie Info:

Genre: Mystery & Suspense
Starring: Nathalie Poza, Hugo Silva, Emma Suarez
Director: Koldo Serra
Writer(s): Juan Antonio Gil Bengoa, Javier Echaniz
In Theaters: Mar 8, 2019 Limited
Runtime: 100 minutes

What are Critics saying about

Shelagh Rowan-Legg (ScreenAnarchy) ’70 Binladens’ ?

Smart, high stakes, a great heroine and an even greater criminal, a story that both keeps you on the edge of your seat and keeps you guessing, plenty of exciting action, some good (and dark) moments of comedy, and an ending that you won’t see coming.

Evan Saathoff (Birth.Movies.Death)

70 Binladens offers a thoughtfully-constructed and perfectly entertaining bank robbery drama, something I’m pretty much always happy to see.

Alberto Bermejo (El Mundo – Spain)

The film feels frustrated and seems to never reach its potential.

Javier Ocaña ( El Pais – Spain)

A fierce and entertaining film with strong performances from Emma Suárez and Nathalie Poza

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