Court: Does it do enough justice to the expectations?

This review is going to be short. Because by this time you have either seen this movie or decided to see/not see it or have no idea about the existence of any such movie. For the uninitiated, Court is a Marathi- English (Minglish?) movie which was not only judged the Best Film at this year’s National Film awards, but has also won many accolades in other international film festivals. Should you grab this one on DVD once it releases? Read on to find out.

Court Poster 2First things first, the movie is more about the portrayal of the main characters, rather than the plot per se. The plot is that of a Dalit activist being falsely accused of abetment to suicide of a gutter worker. If you are looking for a movie with a plot, with a definite message, an entertainment quotient or a proper climax this movie is definitely not for you. The best part of the movie is its simplicity. It’s more of a documentary rather than a feature film and the director has been very honest to keep it that way. While watching the movie I got a feel that they just left a camera at all these locations and filmed what actually happened there. We have grown up seeing the larger than life depiction of the courtroom with the typical judge (with his signature brown colored wig), prosecutors shouting “Objection milord” at every second line and “…dafa 302 ke tehet fasi di jati hai” wala dialogue at the end with the judge breaking the nib of the pen to give it a further dramatic touch.

This has nothing of that. Chaitanya Tamhane, the debutant director has shown a fairly accurate depiction of the proceedings and the characters that make up a typical sessions court room. With the courtroom drama in its center, he gives a glimpse into the lives of each of the characters present there – The public prosecutor, the judge, the accused and his lawyer. All of these subplots look realistic in keeping with the overall feel of the film. The casting is perfect. The film isn’t long and the editing is good, nowhere do you feel being dragged.

My only issue with the film was that it never leads to anything. It ends abruptly. At the end I was left wondering what exactly the director wants to convey. Probably he doesn’t intend to. Maybe there is something more to the movie than meets (my) eyes). Something that the “critics” saw and I couldn’t. I would recommend this one to those who look for the minor nuances of film making rather than the plot per se.

Rating: 3/5

-Dr.Amar Udare


6 thoughts on “Court: Does it do enough justice to the expectations?

  1. Finally someone thinks that this film doesnt lead to anything. IMO the film should have ended the moment court closes for summer break. The following scenes where the judge goes for outing, talks about high packages never had any semblance to the film. what a disappointing film i saw at MAMI

    • I just couldnt get the need to show judge going to picnic, discussing iim packages. what was the relation to the court case and films

      • The film was more about the various classes of people that make the metropolis. That epilogue is a peek into the character of an upper caste judge.

  2. i do not agree that the film ends abruptly, instead it shows the failure of the indian judicature in a very subtle way pointing out every minute reasons for its failure. well, in the end , can you believe the judge to be a superstitious person, or a person who just cares for the family and their money packages? Also the last scene where the kids scare the judge is a very good metaphor for the truth of the admins of indian justice.

  3. U need see again the climax to understand, still u don’t understand it, then leave the job of being a movie critic and stop writing the reviews…

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