Welcome Back Movie Review: Is It Really Welcome Back?

Welcome was a superb movie, a lovely entertainer. Probably the main reason for that being the impeccable comic timing of all the actors. Is the sequel as good a laugh riot as the first one was? Read on to find out.

Welcome Back Poster 3Any movie review usually starts with a brief idea of the plot followed by rest of the details. For this one though, that isn’t necessary I guess, because there is no concrete plot. The sequel is rather the same plot (with a few modifications, which make it even worse) with a few changes in the cast (which make it worst). It is not a sequel in a true sense as it never continues from where the first one left. Anyways the storyline was never a plus point of Welcome and we don’t really mind that. What’s stayed good is the writing. The dialogs are simply superb and suit the slapstick genre. The first one had some really witty ones, my favorite one being where Nana says, “Arre aise kaise. Aajkal bisuit ko bhee Parle JEE kehte hain… aap to itne nek hain”.  Few of the hilarious ones in this one being:

Yaad rakhna, gun (qualities) aur gun ki spelling ek hi hoti hai”

“Aapki sharafat ke chakkar mein main kayde mein hoon … varna ab tak mere khud ke do char Al-Qaeday hote”

“Mobile uska..Sim aapun ka…Tu beech mein miss call dene wala kaun.  Abe gaal uski….yahn aapun ka..tu Beech mein Tang aadane wala kaun”

welcome-backSo the writers have definitely maintained their standards or maybe this time they are a notch better than the first one. Where the movie fails miserably is the casting. The problem with slapstick humor is that the whole fun lies in the timing, which Nana and Anil Kapoor excel in. But the rest of the cast is a misfit. The worst of the lot being John Abraham and Shruti Hassan. It’s like they have a   “worst dialog delivery/ acting” competition between them throughout the movie. Even mannequins have better expressions than these two. The other two embarrassments are Naseeruddin Shah and Dimple Kapadia. These are stalwarts and I wonder what made them choose such roles. The rest of the cast is equally bad or worse and it’s a pain watching them waste such well written dialogs.

To sum up it’s a film with some awesomely witty dialog which is tarnished by bad casting and pathetic acting. This one definitely is NOT Welcome back!

Rating: 2/5 (I was going to give a single star but the earnest performances by Nana Patekar ,Anil Kapoor and Paresh Rawal made me give it an extra one )

Dr.Amar Udare


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