Why did Kattappa Kill Baahubali?

The question the whole nation is asking is why did Kattappa kill Baahubali? Here I try to answer that question based on my discussion with fellow MAM author Hithesh.

Kattappa vs BaahubaliIn the beginning Sivagami prays to Lord Shiva, stating she should pay for her sins. She asks the almighty to punish her and rescue the child instead. This scene probably establishes that Sivagami (Ramya) has a role in death of Baahubali.  While Hithesh believes she may not be involved in his killing, but may have instead banished Baahubali from Mahishmati kingdom. In the second song as soon as Prabhas leaps from one cliff to another he is called Dheevara in the song. Dheevara is a term generally used to a person who is of mixed race or fisherman. I personally feel this refers to mixed race, but Sethumadhavan from MAM feels it refers him as fisherman/tribal as he has been raised by a group of tribals.

When we are introduced to Kattappa Nadar, we are told he is bound by a vow that he has to protect the ruler of Mahishmati, more on this later. Similarly while in the flashback, we are introduced to Baahubali who sits and eats with people of lower caste, this for once establishes the fact that Baahubali is against caste system.

Who is Devasena? Baahubali and Bhallaladeva both seem to have fallen in love with her, while she seems to have rejected Bhallaladeva in favour of Baahubali.

We never know if Devasena is from a royal family or not. What if Baahubali chose to marry someone outside of a royal family. Did Baahubali choose love over his kindgdom?

The only reason for Kattappa to have killed Baahubali according to me would be if Baahubali attacked Mahismati to save the state from atrocities of Bhallaladeva, while Kattappa who is bound by a vow to protect the ruler of Mahishmati might have killed Bahubali .

Of course all these are assumptions, do send in your comments as to what do you think might be the real reason for the death of Baahubali, whatever it maybe we now know for sure that BhallalaDeva was certainly behind it.


3 thoughts on “Why did Kattappa Kill Baahubali?

  1. Devasena is not from royal family, she belongs to the same tribe of Tamanna. The reason the tribe chief sends people regularly to rescue Devasena is because she is one of them

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