Kaun Kitney Paani Mein: Trailer

KKPM PosterWriter-director Nila Madhab Panda who made some interesting films like I Am Kalam (2010) and Jalpari (2012) made a departure of sorts with Babloo Happy Hai (2014). But he is now back with a film which seems to be more from a zone he is comfortable with, Kaun Kitney Paani Mein. Written by his frequent collaborator, Deepak Venkateshan, the film is produced by Eleaanora Images and One Drop Foundation. The film has an interesting star cast comprising of Kunal Kapoor, Radhika Apte, Saurabh Shukla, Gulshan Grover etc. Music is by Krishna Beura, Mangesh Dhakde, Vishakh Jyoti, Bishakh Kanish and Kanish Sharma while Subhransu Das is the DOP and editing is by Deepika Kalra and Biren Jyoti Mohanty.

Synopsis– The film wryly expresses the changes in hierarchy, caste and the power equation when water, the most important resource, vanishes and how the oppressed become the oppressors. The story is told through two villages which were split based on caste and money but never through water. In the current situation, through reversals of fortune, the old world order has been broken and water becomes the biggest game changer. It has a domino effect on everything from social order to economics, even love and marriage. The film takes a satirical look at respect for resources, caste divides, and rural life against the backdrop of a traditional love story but all set in a realm where water is the new currency.

Kaun Kitney Paani Mein will be releasing on August 28th. Check out the trailer now.


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