Meet the Characters of ‘Masaan’

Neeraj Ghaywan’s Masaan which is releasing on 24th July in India is a tale set in Benaras. The film which is written by Varun Grover has some interesting characters, so here we bring you the main characters from the film.

Masaan Character-DeepakDeepak Chaudhary– Deepak is a 25-year old boy from a Dom family, who burn dead bodies on the ghats of Benares. He is studying civil engineering and also helps out his family too in their work…though he wants to get out of it.



Masaan Character-DeviDevi Pathak– Devi is a 24 year-old girl working as a receptionist cum counselor in a coaching center. As girls of her age would be, she’s also curious about relationships and sex…unfortunately she gets embroiled in a controversy leading from her desires.




Masaan Character-ShaaluShaalu Gupta– Shaalu is an upper-caste beautiful, honest and confident girl. She loves poetry and has a natural charm. She has fallen in love with Deepak…without thinking of the consequences.




Masaan Character-VidyadharVidyadhar Pathak– An ex-professor of Sanskrit, Vidyadhar Pathak is a 52-year old Pandit selling ‘puja samagri’ on a Benaras ghat and also translates books. He also does the mundan sanskar for kids on the ghats and loves to discuss philosophy and history with his ghat neighbors…Devi is his daughter.




Masaan Character-JhontaJhonta– He is a free spirited orphan on the ghats of Benaras. He lives by the day and knows how to enjoy the spirit of childhood. He is happy to be working at the shop of Vidyadhar Pathak.


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