Minions (2015) Movie Review: More Minions, Less Fun

Walk into the nearest McDonalds and you would know as to why did Minions sound like a good idea. You would see kids (and adults) clamouring for their happy meals.It does not stop there!! Every store in the mall is selling some merchandise from the movie. So yes, it did make sense. Minions are a million dollar business.

Minions PosterSupporting characters in the first Despicable Me movie, the yellow sidekicks somewhat stole the show, their role expanding in its hugely successful sequel. With growing fondness, they get a movie of their own;a spin-off that acts as both prequel and origin story.

Once the minions emerge from the water, they inexplicably are instantly attracted to the most evil creatures. After many years living in an ice cave, the once proud minion race is listless and depressed. That’s when one of them gets an idea: he’ll save his kind by leaving the cave and finding a new master. So,the Trifecta of Kevin, Stewart & Bob leave the cave to find them a new master! What follows is a series of mildly inspiring (mostly boring) series of events that lead the trifecta to New York, Florida and London.

The minions’ quest initially lands them in New York in 1968 (42 years before GRU), where we watch them goof around and end up acquiring their trademark overalls (albeit without the Gru trademark). Their attention is caught by a TV ad for a convention in Florida, called Villain Con, the world’s premier gathering of villians. Just the place, they figure, to find their master. After hitching a ride with a family of lunatic bank robbers, the minions find themselves irresistibly drawn to the convention’s keynote (delivered in Hall H,just like Comic Con)address to be given by Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock), the world’s first female super villain.

Calling the trio “my knights in shining denim,” Scarlet takes the minions on staff and also brings them back to London with her . She introduces the guys to her mad scientist husband Herb Overkill (Jon Hamm) and gives them an assignment they dare not screw up: Steal the crown off the head of Elizabeth II and pass it on to Scarlet.

The rest of the movie is pretty much a series of goof-ball moments comprising of very few  laugh inducing moments. See, there is nothing wrong in goofing around. Theonly problem is that the goofing around only elicits laughter from 10 year olds occupying a fully paid seat and munching 150/- rupees worth of pop-corn. There is nothing for the adults who have strode into the theatre.

While the minions themselves are adorable and lovable, they do not have anything new to do precisely after 15 minutes into the movie. As side-kicks, they are a hoot.As the main lead, they soon get  repetetive. What is worse is that the rest of the cast comprising of human characters , do not add anything to the movie. Scarlet Overkill, voiced by Sandra Bullock, is something of a dud, the character clearly lacks the personality and one-liners. After all, she had huge shoes to fill. Gru (Steve Carrall) has spoilt us,indeed.  Jon Hamm does his best as her nefarious husband Herb, but again his character fails to make much of an impression.The rest of the cast is nothing to speak about.

Minions Poster 3Minions is not nearly as good as either of the Despicable Me movies. There’s no denying the minions are adorable to a fault, but they’re strictly for the kids. The movie’s most entertaining moments are in the first twenty and final ten minutes. Otherwise, as cute as you may think the minions are, the entertainment value of  watching gibberish-speaking yellow suppositories quickly wears thin.

So,in hindsight,instead of watching Minions on large screen, I could have spent my timedoing any of the activities listed below:

  • Watch Ashes / Wimbledon at home
  • Watch the previous “Despicable Me” movies
  • Watch Pixar’s Inside Out

I would suggest going with the 3rd option. Inside Out (read my review of the film here– ) is a brilliant movie from the animation house of Pixar (first truly outstanding film since Toy Story 3), which addresses the full spectrum of emotions that a child experiences with sincerity, depth, humor, and compassion.

Minions is less of a movie and more of a 90 minutes advertising reel for Minions. This is clearly a result of multiple brand strategy meetings at Universal Studios. You will be better off playing with Minion toys being given away with Happy Meals!


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