Jurassic World (2015) Movie Review: Entertainment Not Guaranteed

When Jurassic Park released in the 90’s it took the global box office by storm and mesmerized the audience across the globe. Jurassic Park was the first Hollywood film which was dubbed in Hindi, and it reached a wide number of audiences across India. I remember watching it in a projection room inside the erstwhile Cine Aroma (now Sathya) theatre in Palakkad in Kerala with my father. If my memory serves me right it was my first Hollywood film on the big screen. Since then times have changed, now people do not get excited by just a few action set-pieces. In fact more people die on screen in summer blockbusters in the first 15 minutes, than in entire Jurassic Series films. I was somewhat disappointed by The Lost World, following which I have not even bothered to watch part 3 of the franchise.

Like most big budget Hollywood films, Jurassic World is directed by Colin Trevorrow, who has just directed one film “Safety Not Guaranteed.” I am pretty sure he did not have a say in the final edit in this film. To give it’s due Colin Trevorrow seems to have huge respect for the Jurassic Park. In fact at some point you feel you are almost watching Jurassic Park all over again, what with so many homages to the film. The first half, actually bores you with no action or thrills. We are supposed to fall in love with this park, the aerial shoots of the place are breathtaking but that’s it, after a point you ask can we focus on story instead of park. Let us also remember a entire new generation has not seen films like Jurassic park and The Matrix.In fact I thought it was kind of meta, when Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) tells that every time a new attraction is added there is a spike in the park’s attendance, maybe she was referring to new dinosaurs in the movie.

Jurassic World  Movie ReviewThe film has a script which goes everywhere so we have a romance between the Alpha Male (Chris Pratt) and the Operations Manager. The man thinks as she wears heels she is not good to stay in the jungle. Then we have two kids; the younger one as usual is obsessed with stats, while elder is a kind of douche bag like all teenagers in Hollywood movies usually are. The characters include a mad scientist, an eccentric Asian millionaire who has to die, a black friend who will be rescued by white alpha male and so on. I am not against tropes in genres films, but it is fine as long as it is entertaining. Here the characters are one dimensional as they get, we do not even seen any growth in the characters.

Colin who gave us the wonderful Safety Not Guaranteed, fails to give us even one moment of genuine thrill in the film. Here we have a climax whose idea probably seems to have come from last year’s Godzilla, the good monster fighting a bad monster is a big letdown.

Jurassic World may be set up in Spielbergian world, but it does not give us the joy or thrill which we experienced in the first movie. At the end of 120 minutes, you feel disappointed. My suggestion would be re-visit Jurassic Park, rather than watching this.Jurassic World also increases our respect for Spielberg who got the balance between storytelling and visual effects right more than once.


6 thoughts on “Jurassic World (2015) Movie Review: Entertainment Not Guaranteed

  1. Hi….., I do not agree! The film is one of the best in the Jurassic Park series and second to only the first one… also I think that globally people agree more with me than you – else the film would not have raked in $512M already! Also – FYI It’s only the second film ever to make more than $200 million in its opening weekend behind the Avengers… also was surprised by your comment of “more people dying….” No of people dying is certainly not a measure of how fearsome a film is…

    • Dev, You can disagree with me. My view is different than yours, box office collections are not indications of merits or if a film is good or bad.

      • I fully agree that box office collections are not an EXACT measure of merit but can be certainly an INDICATIVE measure. Also in my view the success of a film of such a genre lies if it has the power to keep an audience spellbound and keep people glued to their seats for 2 hours and therein lies its success. This comment is based on my personal experience and also the views of n number of people I interacted with…

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  3. Art can not be measured in numbers, this is my view. My views are purely mine, and not based on any interactions with any other people. I mentioned number of people dying to showcase how CGI has improved, in this 22 years.

  4. I certainly respect your personal opinion and I also have mine. I recall that I found Piku to be absolutely idiotic in terms of story content but it has turned out to be a super-hit; so opinions can differ.

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