Aranmanai Movie Review: Ghost Movie Blues!

This debacle can be explained only one way. No three ways about it 🙂  It appears to me that on one inspired night, Sundar had watched ‘Amman’. ‘Rajakaliamman;, ‘Palhayathamman’, ‘Dhurgaiamman’ and ‘Padaiveethamman’ back to back on a repeated loop and ended it all with ‘Chandramukhi’ before going to bed. The lucky chap wakes up the next morning in the middle of a vivid dream where Andrea, Hansika and Raai Laxmi (sporting one rupee coin bhindis) fight in thin air a la ‘Matrix’ style with long bearded and thick eyebrow-ed Tantris trying to control them. Cut to Sundar.C, the influential person that he is, jotting down a few lines, and proceeding to convince Kushboo that die-hard fans, who obviously wont give two  (or three) hoots about the script or screenplay are very much there for Andrea, Laxmi and Hansika! He then makes a few phone calls and then bankrolls Aranmanai. The rest, as they say, is history.

Aranamanai Poster 2What works:

  • Andrea looks stunning, and emotes well as the possessed lead. Her minimal make-up in some supposed jump scenes appears natural and subdued
  • The introduction of the spirit, with the hand coming out of the wall to roll the dice does serve to kick in the mood a tad bit.
  • The interval segment involving the holy egg, though heavily cliched, works again because of Andrea.
  • Santhanam, Manobala and Kovai Sarala’s comic timing sense bring in the occasional chuckle.

What doesn’t:

Almost everything else. Well, if you want me to fill up the bullet points.

  • The screenplay is so outdated that any leading lady from the 1950s to the 2000s could play the roles with ease. There is no place for innovation and freshness in the film. Well what? What about casting Hansika as the devil, the director seems to ask!
  • Anyone who has watched even a single ‘Amman’ movie could predict the next scene and congratulate himself for being such a discerning viewer.
  • True that its tough to expect an intelligent horror context in a horror comedy, but this one doesn’t get it right even with the mood. The writing is too pedestrian and the protagonist too passive for any horror to be staged.
  • Hansika looks like she had just woke up from a bad dream, but frankly speaking, she contributes to the horror with her terrible lip sync. Bad casting choice.
  • Aranamanai Poster 3The scares don’t exist at all. Well, agreed it is meant to be a U/A-ish horror comedy, but this doesn’t qualify even as a thriller per se. A few scenes do lead up to a potential scare, but in the end seem to smile sheepishly at us with a  “Caught you there!” Even the unrelated film like ‘Salim’ had a decent jump scare which made us go ‘Ewwww’.
  • Bharadwaj is like “whats there to beef up the tension man?” with his insipid background score.
  • The comical elements never gel with the story being told or the horror which is about to happen. They look forced and worse of all, work only in parts
  • Colourful songs creep in from nowhere and mar the already nonexistent mood. (Though, I am not complaining much, as seeing Andrea and Laxmi in colorful costumes might be the point of the movie in the first place)

To state the obvious,

Do yourself a favour. Skip the movie. The songs will be played in the music channels.



One thought on “Aranmanai Movie Review: Ghost Movie Blues!

  1. Mani while I understand why you probably felt so upset with the film, I found it to be passable fare. IMO Sundar.C knew he was playing to the gallery & that has worked out quite well for him as the film is indeed a success. I do admit that a film like Yaamirukka Bayamey in the same genre is far better but there were a few moments which worked (mainly humour) in Aranmanai as well. And I thought it was pretty smart of Sundar.C to have the 3 women in focus in the film (for specific reasons :D) & I’m glad Sundar.C did not hog the limelight (he’s no Rajinikanth to pull off a Chandramukhi). What irked me big time is the shoddy VFX work which stood out like an eyesore (especially when the ghost is shown as a black apparition). And hey!Bharathwaj composed the songs while Karthik Raja provided the BGM 🙂

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