Watch Clips from Rakesh Sharma’s Acclaimed Documentary: The Final Solution

Rakesh Sharma has released clips of his much praised documentary, The Final Solution in which he has been documenting the aftermath of 2002 Gujarat pogrom. In his words   “During the making of this film, I noticed shocking parallels between India 2002-2004 and Germany of the 1930s – State-supported genocidal violence against Moslems in Gujarat and its continuing impact – segregation in schools, ghettoisation in cities and villages, formal calls for economic boycott of Moslems and attacks on intelligentsia by right-wing Hindutva cadres.Unchecked and unchallenged, the rapid rise of politics of hate and intolerance could very well be the forerunner of a 21st century Endlosung – the Final Solution.”  Final Solution DocumentaryThe documentary was denied Censor Certificate till the BJP Government was in power in the centre. Finally the documentary was passed by censor board in 2005, due to sustained public pressure and change of guard at Central Government.   Here’s a list of Awards this documentary has won- Wolfgang Staudte award & Special Jury Award (Netpac), Berlin International film festival (2004) Humanitarian Award for Outstanding Documentary, HongKong International film festival (2004) Montgolfiere d’Or (Best Documentary) & Le Prix Fip/Pil’ du Public (Audience award), Festival des 3 Continents at Nantes (France; 2004) Best Film, Freedom of Expression awards by Index on Censorship (UK; 2005) Silver Dhow, Zanzibar International film festival (2004) Best documentary, Big MiniDV (USA; 2004) Special Jury Award, Karafest (Karachi; 2004) Special Jury Award, Film South Asia (Kathmandu; 2005) Human Rights Award, Docupolis (Barcelona; 2005) Special Jury Mention, Munich Dokfest (2004) Special Jury Mention, Bangkok International filmfest (2005) Nominee, Best Foreign Film, Grierson Awards (UK; 2004) Best Documentary/Short Film, Apsara Awards(India;2006) Special Award by NRIs for a Secular and Harmonious India (NRI-SAHI), NY-NJ, USA (2004) Special Award by AFMI, USA-Canada (2004) Special Jury Award, Worldfest 2005 (Houston) Special Jury Award, Mar Del Plata Independent film festival (2005; Argentina) You can read the interview with Rakesh Sharma here, where he speaks about funding, distribution  and censorship. You can watch some of the clips here and rest of the videos here 

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