Inga Enna Solludhu: Trailer

Inga Enna SolluthuDirector Vincent Selva has been making Tamil films for a long time but is mostly known for the 2 films he made with VijayPriyamudan and Youth, apart from Jithan (the Tamil remake of Gayab). Of late he has been out of the radar though he has been making the sporadic small film on and off. He is now ready with his new film Inga Enna Solludu (what does it say here?) and the film has been in the news from the time it got announced as it has VTV Ganesh making a transition as hero. VTV Ganesh who has been producing films for a while and even doing supporting roles got a lot of recognition for his role of Ganesh, the cinematographer friend of Silambarasan aka STR in Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa. Inga Enna Solludhu has an interesting star cast comprising of Meera Jasmine (who hasn’t been getting the right kind of films of late), Santhanam, Pandiarajan, Swarnamalya, Mayilsamy etc. STR who’s a good friend of VTV Ganesh, features in a cameo here and has even sung a song for the film. Andrea Jeremiah also features in a cameo as well. The film has music by Dharan while R.D.Rajasekhar is the DOP and Anthony the editor.

The song sung by STR i.e ‘Kuttipayale’ (also noticed in the trailer) is already popular and the film is all set for release on 30th January. Let us see if Vincent Selva can regain his touch with this film and if VTV Ganesh can get successful in his very first outing as hero. Check out the trailer now.


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