Fandry (Marathi Movie) Trailer


Fandry has created quite a buzz in  the film festivals circuits and is ready for release, quite aptly, on the 14th of February as it is a story of adolescent love. It had won the Jury Grand Prize for the Second best film in International Competition at the 15th Mumbai Film Festival.

It has been jointly produced by Nilesh Navalaka (Shala) and Vivek Kajaria.

Writer-director Nagraj Manjule has admitted that the film is part autobiographical.

Somnath Avghade plays the lead role of Jabya and Kishore Kadam and Chaya Kadam play his parents. Sakshi Vyavhare plays Jabya’s love interest.


A mesmeric force pulls Jabya onto the other side. The rarest of rare Black Sparrow, he is told, is the cure to his problem. The hypnotic spell of the sparrow makes him wander relentlessly. Completely away from the magical world of Jabya, exists the callous reality of his parents who are working at the most oppressed level of the Indian Class Structure and assume him to do the same work which they have done all their life. The protagonist Jabya has to now struggle between his quest to find the magical sparrow and his parents’ expectations. Will Jabya be successful in his pursuit of the Black Sparrow? Will the magnetic power surpass the class differences between Jabya and Shalu created by centuries of customs.? Will Jabya break the fences and pass onto the other side?

Here’s the trailer:



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