The 13 Best-Loved Articles of 2013

December is the month of lists so this time we decided why not publish a list on some of our posts which garnered your attention. We have compiled 13 posts over here and one common factor across all these posts were authors wrote passionately Ranjhaanaabout a particular movie which they liked or disliked or in some case how difficult it was to follow passion of acting. We decided to get back to the respective authors and asked them them to write a short note on what went into writing these posts and the reactions they received after publication of the post. Wishing all our readers of MAM, a very Happy New Year and hope you continue to support us.

Having been a witness to several love stories, from their inception to burial, I had come to realize that people are never to be blamed for break-ups. There is a limit to which our hormones (the stimulant behind that feeling called ‘love’) can push us to remain committed. Eventually, economy, society and egos do get better of everything. Raanjhanaa seemed to echo all that I had always felt about love in India. Writing about it was extremely cathartic. But what followed it was no less than an experience.

I had people, complete strangers, reaching me through Facebook and Twitter, saying how much they could connect with what was written. I even had a counselor message me that he is recommending his patients, most of them victims of break-ups, read the post.It made me realize the power of good writing for the first time. I hope I get to watch more such movies in India which inspire me to write such posts.

Amen-malayalam-movie-posterNew Generation Cinema is a term created in Kerala media, by someone who thought it was cool to use it, but had no clue about Cinema. Peter Issac Simon in this very detailed write up, mentions why this film at the end of the day is mediocre and nothing to go gaga about as some people would claim. One of the best thing about such articles is you come across trolls and get a varied response, like here people accused Peter the author of this post of being to harsh on the film, and you can read the comment section where he explains why we have to get out this mentality trap of being politically correct and appreciating movies just because of so called efforts.- Cinemausher (writing on behalf of the author)

I had always believed that I was incapable of thrashing a film. I had started blogging about Marathi cinema as I only wanted people to know about the few really good ones that release and vanish without a trace. But I pleasantly surprised myself by writing a totally negative review of Premachi Goshta. May be the positive responsive that a totally mediocre film like this got irked me. The comments that followed the post, despite being mostly negative, were quite enjoyable. Just the fact that my post was getting a response was satisfying.

220px-Maryan_Album_ArtI am lazy. No two ways about that. I don’t watch as much of stuff as all my friends at MAM do and write about even a smaller subset of what I see. But one thing that gets me pumped up to observe, dissect and write about is a high profile ARR or Ilaiyaraaja album. This is both because music is close to my heart and I highly revere both these musical doyens from the south.

A music review is a highly draining exercise, especially if you are going to review ARR’s work considering his big band of fanboys and some dedicated naysayers too. You are anyways not going to fully influence their opinion but where you can put your stamp is high level of detailing in dissecting the layers and lyrics of the song. That surely comes only with at-least dozens of hearing of each songs and sometimes even line by line pausing and analysis.


Roshan Andrews’ ‘Mumbai Police’ is very much a product of the new generation cinema that Kerala films have embraced after struggling with more than a decade of decaying, gross superstar driven meaningless cinema. Prithviraj’s Antony Moses is a protagonist like no others you have seen in Malayalam; he is gay and that is a giant leap for an industry and culture that has gone Victorian when it comes to talking of sex (though Shakeela and Maria still caused tremors in box-office until a few years back). It has an unusual structure of a mystery that is solved in the first scene and it works to piece back all the elements to reveal what was identified earlier. Prithviraj is outstanding in his dual performance as both the bad guy fiery cop and the good guy sober cop who discovers that Dr Jeykll and Mr Hyde are not two different personalities. This isn’t’t a typical cop movie laced with the usual elements like bravado dialogues, unnecessary bluster, cops-politician nexus but an intelligent taut investigative thriller, with a surprising climax. If there is a defining police flick in Malayalam, it has to be Mumbai Police.


This is the biggest hit of Marathi Cinema in recent times and I was curious to see what was the hype all about.I was surprised  even after 5 weeks of it’s release the film was housefull and giving tough competition to the Bollywood blockbuster Chennai Express.The film turned out to be boring and melodramatic, but the audience in the cinema halls were enjoying it to the fullest,though same can not be said about my friend who was nursing a headache after the movie.

This was a very different post, and it does not deal with any particular movie.We all hear stories about struggling days from stars, but what made this post unique was it presented a different Point of View, that of a someone who supports those who were trying to achieve something which was more than a regular 9 to 5 job. After all passionate people wanting to work towards their dreams need their pillars of support right? – Cinemausher (writing on behalf of the author)

Chander Pahar

I’ve never been a fan of Dev. His predecessors from Uttam Kumar to Prosenjit Chatterjee, superstars nonpareil, all had the decency to deliver excellent performances in wonderful films from NAYAK to MONER MANUSH, to make up for their sins in the louder, less lovable commercial Bengali cinema. Dev however, heir to that mantle of superstardom, showed no such contrition and carried on with Khoka 420, Rongbaaz and Paglu. With the release of the CHANDER PAHAR’s trailer (adapted from a beloved adventure novel by Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay), he seemed to have taken a step in a new direction. And he has. But poorly executed spectacle took precedence over solid writing in this case, and the film remained a poor attempt for Tollywood to scale the computer-generated peaks of Hollywood action-adventure flicks.


I was so irritated after the press screening of this film that I couldn’t even bear the sight of Jaccky Bhagnani who played the lead role here. I had thought about ranting away on this film. But then my focus shifted to the director Priyadarshan. As a movie buff I felt sad that a filmmaker with such promise had embraced banality. So I dropped the idea of ranting and wrote a review which was concerned about the fall of a once top director into hordes of mediocrity.

ANNAYUM RASOOLUMAce cinematographer Rajeev Ravi making his debut as filmmaker in Malayalam & that too with a love story featuring a fresh pair of Fahadh Faasil and Andrea Jeremiah was enough enticement to watch and review the film. But the film turned out to be an unusual tale and a far cry from the romantic films we have witnessed of late across Indian Cinema. Peppered with brilliant visuals captured by Madhu Neelankantan, lovely songs composed by K, some wonderful characters etc, the film had a lot to offer to the viewer.But most importantly the film was not just about the romance between Anna and Rasool, it was a story of Kochi and the wonderful city was more than just a character in the film.
So I realized that rather than a routine review it made a lot more sense to look at how Kochi is being projected through the film and also highlight upon the music which was again a unique factor about the film. Easily one of the better Malayalam films of the year,it is also a film I immensely enjoyed reviewing and writing about my perspective.


Every year, in Bollywood there seems to be some sort of competition within Bollywood to release film which is more dumber and less entertaining and this year it was SRK and Rohit Shetty who took the lead.I had so much anger within me after wasting my time and money on this film that I had to write about it.SRK fans and trolls attacked me with glee in comment section,surprisingly majority of people were in tune with my view, which is a rarity if you write a post about Bollywood film in a not so positive light.


For once I believed people don’t understand. And I’m pretty sure people don’t. That’s not to say I am not one of them. That’s pretty much the reason I believe why I wrote this review. “Ghanchakkar”, for me, is one of the best films India could see this year. Yes, it was better than Lootera. For me, for sure it was. Now either something is wrong with me, or most of the people around me. I am not pursuing what’s-wrong-with-who-thing. For me, this – dark and – ruthlessly consistent film, is perhaps one the best Hindi films I’ve seen in years. And I stand by that.

thalaivaThalaivaa was the first Tamil movie I’d been asked to review by the website and having liked Thuppakki a lot, I felt that this might be another outing for Vijay to move away from his Perarasu stereotype days and become a suave actor. The film was bad with very little good things about it. It was an amalgam of  better done gangster films. Thalaivaa remained memorable not for the movie but the comments that followed after I published my review. There were people who couldn’t understand how I could like Thuppaki a lot and there were others not happy about me saying that Thalaivaa isn’t a good film by any standards. Someone graciously called it an “idiot review.” Hate is always a nice thing to receive as long as there is support from other quarters. This was the first “hate” mail of sorts that I received for a review and  it thrilled me to see that my review was noticed. Sounds petty now but back then it meant something. I’ll always remember that the first time I received a negative comment about my review, it was “idiot review”, a paltry insult I must say. I have seen some very colourfully worded insults on other websites; things that have made me laugh. I hope there are more discussions happening in the comments section of my reviews in the future. Pardon me, I don’t want them to be better worded insults but a discussion of the film so that we could all understand it better. Adios!



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